Dark Angels Week 3

Dark Angels
Cloaks sculpted awaiting paint

This week has been spent working on modelling the robes on my assault squad and much thanks goes to Kamui for suggesting the idea and for providing links to a couple of articles on sculpting cloaks which I found very useful.  My first couple of attempts were ok considering I have never tackled anything this big before and the articles along with the tips from Thor made me realize that there was a lot more to this than there first appeared.


Dark Angels
Apoxie sculpt has been used on these models

I made the mistake of sculpting the robes on to fully assembled models when I should have done this before arms and backpacks were fitted.  I could have removed the arms and packs but since I had used plastic glue the parts were well and truly stuck.  Still you live and learn and next time I will know better.  I had used green stuff but this was going to work out costing a lot of money as I will have a lot of marines to convert so I have invested in a tub of Apoxie sculpt which is going to be a lot cheaper to use as it comes in nice big tubs at a very good price although strangely enough the only place I found selling it in the U.K was a taxidermist!!

Dark Angels
I’m sure they will get better with practice

So how have I found using the apoxie… well it is easy to work with although it is very sticky so have been using the hand cream tip I found on another site which basically involves putting a little drop hand cream on the back of your hand and dipping your tools into it as you work to stop them sticking to the putty. Not only does this work extremely well but has given me a lovely soft spot of skin on the back of my hand lol…..


Dark AngelsSo how have I enjoyed this week and the trials of sculpting? Well in all honesty it has been most enjoyable if not a little frustrating and it feels very rewarding to have managed to make a completely unique squad even if they are a bit rough round the edges.  And it also means that when it comes time again to model more robes it will not be nearly as daunting.

And so it was only left to paint the robes up and then that would be the squad done.  I painted the robes the same way as I had painted them on the tactical squad last week so will not go over it here again just go check out last weeks blog and all I need to do is finish the bases and get a photo of them up on here.

So at the end of the third week my little band of warriors is starting to look slightly better with both the 1st tactical squad and the first 5 members of the 7th assault squad completed.  Next up for me is a squad of scouts I came across while rummaging through my rather large odds and sods box so reckoned they deserved to be painted up to go into the army.  So until next week take care and happy gaming. Oh and I will try to get some better quality pictures in next weeks blog.


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Innovation is good. Something else to consider as well is using the epoxy to get your basic shape and then using green stuff to flesh out details or smooth things over. Green stuff is great for details and a lot of sculptors use some other medium, as you are, to build things up and then green stuff to wrap things up.

Anyway, the army is coming together nicely.


These are looking good for early attempts! I think the dynamic poses of assault marines may be more difficult to work with than some of the static tac marines but you’ve pulled it off well.

I second Thor’s advice about green stuff over another medium. Using the Apoxie to build a basic form will help you save green stuff and provide a firm base so you can use the green stuff to form more subtle, smoother folds and sharper edges.

Keep it up, this army is going to look great!