Dark Angels Week 6: Tau Intervene

Well after the vacation, and my post all about that, it was almost back to normal for me this week.  As I sat looking at the vast pile that was my purchases from Warhammer World and tried to decide which model to tackle next I was hit by an outstanding thought (well it was actually a nerf dart fired by No. 1 Son).  “Daaaaaaaaaad” came the familiar call of a son about to ask me for something,  “What is it Joe?” I replied.  “Can you help me with some of my new models I bought?”  So being the walkover that I am I ended up spending a couple of days building Tau.

Tau: Fire Warriors
These guys are gonna be Dark Angel fodder

Now this has taught me a couple of things this week. Firstly that I cave in far to easily, but secondly that taking a break and building something different from your usual army is actually quite enjoyable and refreshing.  Now let me expand on that statement a little so that perhaps you will see what I am talking about.

The enjoyable part was that I got to spend a couple of days with my son building his army up.  We had a lot of laughs and even when he made me magnetise every weapon on his battle suit and the missile launcher too it was still good fun.  As we built up each of his units he explained to me how they were going to wipe the floor with my measly Dark Angels.  Many hours of banter was had and we both had loads of laughs and quite a few challenges have been issued too so really looking forward to him getting them painted up so we can start off with a few small games to get to grips with the new rules.

Tau: Crisis Suit
magnetise me ALL of me

The other thing I mentioned was that it was refreshing….. what I meant by that was that it was nice to build something totally different from normal.  I built fire warriors and battle suits and a flying tank thingy the name of which escapes me just now but just having a break from building space marines was most enjoyable.

Tau: Devilfish
The flying thingy


So after building and undercoating Joe’s mini’s I didn’t have a lot of time left for my own army but I did find the time to undercoat a Razorback I had finished building and also to build a Dreadnought with 2 close combat arms and 2 long range firepower arms so that I can mix and match it’s loadout

Dark Angels: Dreadnought
The first of 3 dreadnoughts

before a game.  So that’s been it this week and although I haven’t done as much to my army as I would like it has been a very enjoyable week and both myself and Joe are now very keen to get the battle boards all painted up as well so we can fight over them but I have a funny feeling they will not be getting touched for a little while yet.

My plan for this week is to finish painting both the razorback andDark Angels: Razorbackdreadnought  so that I can then display the army so far next week.  This should look quite good as it will contain 10 tactical marines, 5 assault marines 10 scouts, a predator and razorback plus a dreadnought.  Then the future plans are another 5 assault marines with the sculpted robes (hopefully with the practice I have been having and the advice received they should start to look a bit better) and then there is another tactical squad to add which will mean more robe sculpting as they are older models which I had painted up before Kamui challenged me to produce an army entirely in robes. I also have a Devastator squad, Command group, 2 more Dreadnoughts including the Forgeworld model, a Land Raider and Stormraven.  Hmmm seems like I am going to have to get cracking to get this lot done and dusted.

Dark Angels: Razorback
Just needs a lick of paint and she’s good to go

So until next week and the unveiling of the army so far happy gaming.

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Dark Angels Week 6: Tau Intervene
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