Dark Angels Week 5

Dark Angels Predator
Predator advancing

Well thats another week gone by and its been more difficult than I imagined it would be. Reason being was this weeks target was to paint a predator tank and thought well its only one model and its bigger so should be easier to do. Forgot that highlighting a tank and getting it to look just so is probably a lot harder than doing the marines themselves as it is mostly big flat surfaces which quite often end up just looking bland.

So to help out with this I have weathered the tank and added a few little touches to draw the eye to them and help make the tank look a little bit nicer and more unique. I used an airbrush for the tank as well as I find that it gives a nice smooth even coverage and I find it also does a good job of adding the weathering effect. As you look through the pictures you may come across something that is missing from it and that is the dozer blade. It was happily attached and as I moved the tank to my photo taking shelf I dropped it. I am just so relieved that it was just the dozer blade that broke off. Still that will teach me to keep a firmer hold of it in future.

Dark Angels Predator
missing blade but roll packs look good

As you can see from this picture the blade has snapped off but will be re-attached once I get back to it. You can also see the tank has baggage rolls on the sides of the turret. This is something I have always done to model tanks from my model building of WW2 tanks up to present as I think it makes them look more personal to their squad and they are ridiculously easy to do. I use bandage. Just cut a small strip off bandage and roll it up to the size required then give it a soaking in a mix of pva glue mixed with a bit of water to make a sort of thick paint consistency. Leave it to dry and it goes rock hard and can be painted and drybrushed to give great effects very easily. You can also do it using toilet paper rolled up and tied at each end with a bit of thread and given the same soaking and drying. This method is also very nice when painted its just I seem to be all thumbs when it comes to tying the thread round the paper or its the method I would still use as it does look better in my opinion.

I may have made only one mistake with painting this tank and that is that I used dark angels green. Not a problem until I realised that it was the last of my dark angels green and all future tanks will have to be done in caliban green so I’m hoping it will not be too much of a difference or else may have to re paint this one.

Dark Angels Predator
Poor bladeless tank

As can be seen from the front view here the tank just looks sad without its dozerblade attached as it is one of the older style GW kits and not the beefy chunky kit they produce now. That being said I still like the old tanks and variety is the spice of life so good to have a mix of old and new as this makes it look like the chapter have been going around for a long time which the Dark Angels indeed have and so will have a mix of styles in their armoury. The weathering was done from a distance with the airbrush and some strange brown colour with no name I found in the bottom of my paint collection tub. I am keen to try out the weathering powders from Forgeworld to see what they are like so may well pick some up next week and give them a try. As for this weeks planned additions to the army there are none!!! The reason for this is I am off on my summer vacation on Sunday for a whole 9 days where I shall neither be building or painting anything. The bonus is that I get to visit GW HQ in Nottingham so will make next weeks blog about that and then get back to these guys the following week.


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Well done. I’m a sucker for old models and vehicles like that. I have the old Razorback in my Marine collection.

Cool technique on the bag too. Really simple detail that adds to the model.