Defiler - PIP #2-1

Defiler – PIP #2

This project has been forever in the making. I got the model over two years ago, began renovating it, let it sit for nearly two years and started painting it five months ago. I have a list in mind for a December tournament that uses the Defiler so I thought it was finally time to get this done.

The “head” is magnetized on this for easy storage if you’re wondering.

Right now the base coating is done and I need to go back in and clean up things where I slipped with the brush. Then I need to wash this bad boy and if anyone has any ideas on how to wash such a large model in one go I’d love to hear it. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I can wash this entire thing easily. Maybe I need to do it selectively and carefully, which isn’t easy in my experience, you always end up with some obvious lines between sessions. Help!

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Defiler – PIP #2
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