Defiler - PIP #2-1

Defiler – PIP #2

This project has been forever in the making. I got the model over two years ago, began renovating it, let it sit for nearly two years and started painting it five months ago. I have a list in mind for a December tournament that uses the Defiler so I thought it was finally time to get this done.

The “head” is magnetized on this for easy storage if you’re wondering.

Right now the base coating is done and I need to go back in and clean up things where I slipped with the brush. Then I need to wash this bad boy and if anyone has any ideas on how to wash such a large model in one go I’d love to hear it. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I can wash this entire thing easily. Maybe I need to do it selectively and carefully, which isn’t easy in my experience, you always end up with some obvious lines between sessions. Help!

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I love the chaos walkers. Both the daemon one and the chaos space marine one are just awesome. So full of character. Excited to see your take on it!


How do you think the defiler and heldrake compare in regards to how difficult they are to paint? In any case I am sure they’ll look great together.

When I have to wash something large I thin it down, use a larger brush, and put it down in two coats. The other option is to chose your pieces so you can stop at joints where you don’t have to worry about a line.


I like it! The split look continued to vehicles, the cohesiveness of the painting. I think the impressiveness of this piece (as with any of your models) will be even more magnified by the look of the entire army. A winner, as usual with you.