Defiler – PIP #2

This project has been forever in the making. I got the model over two years ago, began renovating it, let it sit for nearly two years and started painting it five months ago. I have a list in mind for a December tournament that uses the Defiler so I thought it was finally time to get this done.

The “head” is magnetized on this for easy storage if you’re wondering.

Right now the base coating is done and I need to go back in and clean up things where I slipped with the brush. Then I need to wash this bad boy and if anyone has any ideas on how to wash such a large model in one go I’d love to hear it. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I can wash this entire thing easily. Maybe I need to do it selectively and carefully, which isn’t easy in my experience, you always end up with some obvious lines between sessions. Help!

  • I love the chaos walkers. Both the daemon one and the chaos space marine one are just awesome. So full of character. Excited to see your take on it!

    • I’m a sucker for walkers period and I have an extra soft spot for the Chaos variety as well. The list I’m working with is a Warpsmith list packed full of them :)

      I got a bunch of work done on it this weekend so hopefully I’ll have an update this week. It was one of those weekends though where you spend a ton of time working on something and it seems like you didn’t do much. I know I made progress but it feels like less than it should have been.

      • I hear you there. Spend an hour just cleaning up mould lines…is it even worth taking a photo…it looks the same. Heheh

  • How do you think the defiler and heldrake compare in regards to how difficult they are to paint? In any case I am sure they’ll look great together.

    When I have to wash something large I thin it down, use a larger brush, and put it down in two coats. The other option is to chose your pieces so you can stop at joints where you don’t have to worry about a line.

    • You mean annoying to paint? Overall the Heldrake was a longer process but the Defiler has a few more details to pick out, especially once I get to the “head” of it. There’s a lot more metallics on the Defiler though so I can do the easy wash and call it good where the Heldrake had very little. So, a bit easier but still on the tedious side.

      I ended up washing it and putting it on top of something, so it all got washed at once except the bottom. I figured if the bottom looked off it wouldn’t matter since you’ll likely never see it. Even still, it worked as a good method in creating a natural stopping point, or joint, so it worked out.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I like it! The split look continued to vehicles, the cohesiveness of the painting. I think the impressiveness of this piece (as with any of your models) will be even more magnified by the look of the entire army. A winner, as usual with you.

    • Thanks.

      Having everything tie together and look great as an army on the table is ultimately what I am for. Not all models are painted to perfection but once it’s all assembled it looks cool.

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