Disciples of Twilight for 2014: Expanding my Chaos Marines

Disciples of Twilight EmblemSomething I struggle with in any army of mine is finishing it. To a collector, which I consider myself, there’s no such thing as a finished army. I have no end-goal with any army of mine, no set list I’m building for or anything. The problem more specifically is I eventually start to falter on the collection side of things and get bogged down in painting. I prefer to field painted models and I also do not like having a huge backlog of unassembled models or models waiting on paint. I know the process is endless but I don’t want it to feel that way with 100 models on my desk staring at me to be completed.

The result of my mentality is ultimately I reach a point where I’m not buying anything. The problem there is my interest will start to wane and I begin eyeing yet another army to only restart the entire process. That process of mine is something I need to break. I really, really enjoy Chaos Marines. I’m a sucker for a power armored army and one that offers a lot of modeling potential, so Chaos Marines are a natural fit for me. I do not want to start losing interest in the army so I need to figure out where I’m going with them. Again, there’s no set list in mind but I definitely have a preferred style of play, fast and aggressive.

Chaos Marines are a really aggressive army. From their double special weapons to tough fast units, the army is looking to be in the enemy’s face to be effective. This is the other reason I really like Chaos Marines, they fit my preferred style of play. This will be the direction my collecting will go, towards units that push that style of play.

My first thought is Bikers. Right now I have 6 Bikes and I would like to push that out to 10. In some test games lately I have run my Bikes at 10 strong with a Mark of Slaanesh and an Icon of Excess. This nets me I5 Bikers that have FNP. They aren’t an amazing assault unit but they’re fast, have some decent fire power and can handle non-dedicated assault units.

A new buy I’m thinking about are Raptors. Again, not an amazing assault unit but I have always liked jump units. I’ve considered trying this out much like the Bikers, Mark of Slaanesh and an Icon of Excess. Getting to swing first, again non-dedicated assault unit targets, should help offset their not-so-amazing combat ability and FNP just helps keep them around longer. They fill a similar role as Bikers, great for targeting softer units, fast and good for counter-attacking. I also really like the look of the models which makes painting them more enjoyable.

Another issue I often have with my collections is redundancy. I’m not talking spam redundancy though, IE: 3 Heldrakes. Usually I have one of everything but that’s it. To that end I have thought about picking up another Mauler/Forgefiend. I like the Dinobots in-game and their aesthetics. Any who have fielded a single Maulerfiend before know that they often go boom early because nobody wants a rampaging Dinobot coming at them. Having a second will help with that problem and also sticks right with my fast aggressive theme. Also, should I opt for a more shooty back line then two Forgefiends will do well there.

Mutilators are a unit I’ve considered for a while. They aren’t great but their concept is fun and they would make for a great painting project, as well as a converting project should I go that route, which I likely will. This would be a unit that wouldn’t have a use in all of my lists but definitely a spot in a more fun list or something themed.

My last thoughts on expansion, for now, are my HQ choices. My current choices are limited to Soulgore, a Lord on a Juggernaut, a foot Lord (the Dark Vengeance one), a Sorcerer in Terminator armor, a foot Sorcerer and two Daemon Princes. There are so many HQs that I have not even tried yet and others I have but want to experiment with more. I won’t run through the list but really there’s no HQ that I have ruled out. I can see using each of them in one form or another. Of course certain HQ choices lend towards certain army builds as well so this can further open up my collection agenda.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I think raptors are probably the best expansion for you. They can be infiltrated while your bikers cannot. They can run dual special weapons like you bikers, and while they have 1 less toughness, are not relentless, lack cover saves, they ARE cheaper so you have more wounds. I personally like raptors of Slaanesh with a jump sorcerer. The unit is fast and versatile. With access to biomancy, pyromancy, telepathy, and slaanesh there are some amazing buffs in there and some nasty wytchfires. Spells like invisibility works wonders with raptors. Also, pyromancy offers a 4++ on one of there powers, biomancy can give statline bonuses and relentless (in case you were banking on it and gave them plasma guns?). Plus raptors can deepstrike so you don’t have to run across the damn table at a gunline army or a super fast army, you can use the raptors to box them in.

    As far as other models, I would suggest trying out for HQs-
    -Jump Sorcerer (ML 3 w/ Mark and spell familiar and sigil costs 165)
    -Jump lord w/ Brand can be used as a mini-hell drake. With the deep strike is great against those stubborn gunline armies.
    – Noise Marines. NO, they aren’t a fast unit. HOWEVER, don’t look at them as shooty marines only. If you take a squad for ASSAULT purposes, give all but blastmaster guys CCW instead of sonic blasters (remember, blastmasters have an assault mode) then they are a versatile troops unit (with lord) that can infiltrate if you put them with a lord on a mount. They are fearless to boot with the FNP icon available as well. Not half bad. Pricier than normal CSM, but instead of 2 short range ONLY weapons, you can get 2 more expensive versatile S8 blast, AP 3 ignores cover weapons that work as S5 weapons on the assult. Plus you can stick an AP 3 flamer in there as well.
    – Try out the black legion book. It’s new artifacts to play with and it allows you to run chosen. Chosen are great, not bad in hand to hand. Overall, it could re-energize your motivation by giving a slightly new way to play with the old models. Also gives a reason to run Abbaddon and terminators as he can make them WS 5 and BS 5.

    • Sorcerers as a whole are something I’m going to spend time working with. A list I’m goofing off with now for Saturday’s tourney has a Sorcerer and no Soulgore. I do want to try one with Raptors as well as Bikers. Give him a place to hide and be fast enough to put powers where I need them.

      The jump Lord I’ve thought about also. I don’t like pigeonholing myself into something and Soulgore with Spawn is something I’ve done that with, though it’s damn effective. So, I thought about a Lord with the axe of blind fury hanging with Raptors or Bikers. If not the axe then the brand. Could do both as well.

      Noise Marines are on my ‘must try’ list. I’ve mostly shied away because, like I said in the article, I didn’t want to pick up a bunch of stuff and have it sitting around. Since I need to move past that I will be trying them out.

      I do need to look at Black Legion. Next time you’re around I’ll have to check yours out.

      • khorneinquisitor

        True. However, because they are pricey you wouldn’t run more than ten. Hell, if you ran primarily blastmasters only, you could do a weapon swap on one of your magnetized ones and run your normal CSM.

        I personally like sorcerers better than lords unless you use them for force org alteration. Lords offer wounds and WS/BS. That’s really it. Every other HQ model offers something. LD bubbles, hatred, repair, two weapons, 2+ armor stock, psykers, MCs. You name it, the others have it. I personally like the dark apostles for fluff reasons, but lately I have really liked my warpsmith because I can stick a 2+ armor guy in a rhino. It gives me a little protection from the AP 3 stuff out there.

        The axe is fine. It is AP 2 and swings at initiative. Try other artifacts. I have used the tablet before (the tzeentch one) and it is fun, though often forgotten. Fun to make a lord a psyker. :D

        I also really enjoy thousand sons. A single squad as an objective camper is great. 3+/4++ is great, and tacking AP 3 bolters on them makes them even nastier. I know they don’t fit your fluff, but it’s good to have something to handle those really nasty power armored assault units with.

        When it comes to the black legion, the three biggies are Spineshiver blade, Last Memory of Yuran’thos, and the Skull. The last memory mostly, it’s the blind bubble. I think it would tie in perfectly with your play style, and it allows you to basically “Shoot” via bolter fire everything within 18″ 2D6 times, plus it doesn’t limit your assault options as it is a Nova.

        • Lord with the right tools are just monsters. We all know what the axe of blind fury does but even taking a lord with a fist and claw is a good all-around tool. The Lord does offer fearless. It’s not the same as a LD bubble or anything but still shouldn’t be overlooked in an army where not everything is fearless stock.

          I’ve thought about the scrolls of Magnus. The hitting myself with a S3 AP1 hit is what deters me there. Possibly on a Lord where you’re 3 wounds but a 2 wound Sorcerer, that could suck with a string of bad rolls.

          I have no fluff issues with cult troops, be it TSons or whatever. I have an undivided warband, they’ll take whatever help they can get.

          • khorneinquisitor

            Have you ever used the murder sword. As big monsters become more and more prevalent, I feel like it may be a not half bad option to take. It would be nice to have a strong choice. I personally prefer the hand of death from the Black legion as it is flesh and armorbane plus ID.

            Yeah, that extra wound is clutch. However with a 3++ (sigil+MoT) you have a fairly small window of chance to get hurt. Frustrating that you can’t take primaris powers though and that it is so expensive.

            Either way, I agree that the CSM codex fits your play style very well. Some shooting and a lot of assault (the some shooting part makes daemons not a fit for you :P ) However, I think that with the models you have you can run a lot of variations for a long time. I say no need to buy more models until you have everything painted.

            • No on the murder sword. It’s too pricey for something that’s only good against one target. It’s the same cost as the axe of blind fury and the axe is always useful.

  • JD Brink

    Some of your “plight” sounds familiar to me, some is very foreign to me. I tend to have one of everything and HQ guys are my faves. I almost never run the same list twice because i want to try everything. I think Chaos really lends itself to this idea too. My lists generally have some staple units but I kind of build out my theme around whoever my HQ is at the time.
    I also am too much collector but not enough painter. I wish I could get my butt in the chair to paint more often. Hoping to do that in the coming weeks. Now if I could just decide who to paint…
    As far as suggestions for you, I know your play style is very assault-based, so raptors or bikers are probably good choices for you. You have bikers, but I think raptors would be good for you too. I like their maneuverability, able to hide behind barriers or buildings and then be on the other side of those instantly. I haven’t used much for Chaos raptors but in my Crimson Fist army my assault squad was standard. I actually used them ore as an anti-vehicle unit than anything. One game they actually hopped along the back board edge and took a new tank out each turn, ending with the Land raider! I typically gave the sgt m-bombs to get this done. You’ve probably seen pictures of my assault squad on my blog.
    …makes me miss playing marines :(

    • I rarely play the same list twice. Normally when I do it’s to prepare for a tournament. I do, however, tend to focus on an element like assault or a fast mobile list. Still, I will field something different for the sake of different. This past Saturday we had a tournament and I fielded a relatively shooty list just to mix it up. It’s not that I dislike a shooting oriented list, it’s just not my preferred style of play.

      I agree on Raptors. One thing that’s often discounted or overlooked is that ability to simply leap over terrain. Bikes are fast but they still need to go around some things, Raptors don’t care. In addition, it’s far easier to hide 10 Raptors than 10 Bikes, again something that’s overlooked.

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