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Disciples of Twilight for 2014: Expanding my Chaos Marines

Disciples of Twilight EmblemSomething I struggle with in any army of mine is finishing it. To a collector, which I consider myself, there’s no such thing as a finished army. I have no end-goal with any army of mine, no set list I’m building for or anything. The problem more specifically is I eventually start to falter on the collection side of things and get bogged down in painting. I prefer to field painted models and I also do not like having a huge backlog of unassembled models or models waiting on paint. I know the process is endless but I don’t want it to feel that way with 100 models on my desk staring at me to be completed.

The result of my mentality is ultimately I reach a point where I’m not buying anything. The problem there is my interest will start to wane and I begin eyeing yet another army to only restart the entire process. That process of mine is something I need to break. I really, really enjoy Chaos Marines. I’m a sucker for a power armored army and one that offers a lot of modeling potential, so Chaos Marines are a natural fit for me. I do not want to start losing interest in the army so I need to figure out where I’m going with them. Again, there’s no set list in mind but I definitely have a preferred style of play, fast and aggressive.

Chaos Marines are a really aggressive army. From their double special weapons to tough fast units, the army is looking to be in the enemy’s face to be effective. This is the other reason I really like Chaos Marines, they fit my preferred style of play. This will be the direction my collecting will go, towards units that push that style of play.

My first thought is Bikers. Right now I have 6 Bikes and I would like to push that out to 10. In some test games lately I have run my Bikes at 10 strong with a Mark of Slaanesh and an Icon of Excess. This nets me I5 Bikers that have FNP. They aren’t an amazing assault unit but they’re fast, have some decent fire power and can handle non-dedicated assault units.

A new buy I’m thinking about are Raptors. Again, not an amazing assault unit but I have always liked jump units. I’ve considered trying this out much like the Bikers, Mark of Slaanesh and an Icon of Excess. Getting to swing first, again non-dedicated assault unit targets, should help offset their not-so-amazing combat ability and FNP just helps keep them around longer. They fill a similar role as Bikers, great for targeting softer units, fast and good for counter-attacking. I also really like the look of the models which makes painting them more enjoyable.

Another issue I often have with my collections is redundancy. I’m not talking spam redundancy though, IE: 3 Heldrakes. Usually I have one of everything but that’s it. To that end I have thought about picking up another Mauler/Forgefiend. I like the Dinobots in-game and their aesthetics. Any who have fielded a single Maulerfiend before know that they often go boom early because nobody wants a rampaging Dinobot coming at them. Having a second will help with that problem and also sticks right with my fast aggressive theme. Also, should I opt for a more shooty back line then two Forgefiends will do well there.

Mutilators are a unit I’ve considered for a while. They aren’t great but their concept is fun and they would make for a great painting project, as well as a converting project should I go that route, which I likely will. This would be a unit that wouldn’t have a use in all of my lists but definitely a spot in a more fun list or something themed.

My last thoughts on expansion, for now, are my HQ choices. My current choices are limited to Soulgore, a Lord on a Juggernaut, a foot Lord (the Dark Vengeance one), a Sorcerer in Terminator armor, a foot Sorcerer and two Daemon Princes. There are so many HQs that I have not even tried yet and others I have but want to experiment with more. I won’t run through the list but really there’s no HQ that I have ruled out. I can see using each of them in one form or another. Of course certain HQ choices lend towards certain army builds as well so this can further open up my collection agenda.

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Disciples of Twilight for 2014: Expanding my Chaos Marines
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