Disciples of Twilight: Minor Update

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeSo, Santa was pretty nice to me. Between the bonus I got at work and the misses’ xmas gift I can add more to my growing Chaos army, Disciples of Twilight. Naturally, as is the case with me when I can get something, I’m just not sure what to snag yet. At the moment I own:

Daemon Prince x 2
Greater Daemon
Termies x 5 (box set options)
Berzerkers x 10
Plague Marines x 6 (two units)
Lesser Daemons x 10
Rhino x 2 (though access to 3 more from my Marine army)
Oblits x 3
Defiler (will have it next month from a friend)

So, as far as HQs and troops go I’m alright. I can definitely stand to get another Rhino but where I can use my Marine ones in the mean time I figure I’ll snag something else. I’ve been playing with a Daemon Bomb type of list as well as a few builds with Typhus (just love the model and character). More Lessers would be handy, though I can also proxy them for the moment. I’ve toyed with Bikes a bit, fast-moving icon for the Lessers and Champion for the Greater, so considering them but would like to get in some more play testing with that first before I commit. The Oblits I’ve been converting so I don’t really need to buy more of those. Ideas?

I’ve made some minor progress on the fluff for Disciples of Twilight too, though nothing ground breaking. I decided they’ll be a renegade chapter. My rough idea is that they tampered with sorcerery and were found out. Basically they were operating like a radical Inquisitor and summoning daemons to aid them in combat; the end justifying the means. The Ordo Malleus was sent to investigate, something happens and shit hits the fan. The result being the loss of their home world and the loss of around 60% of their chapter.

As I’ve said before, they’ll be undivided. Their use of units like Plague Marines and Berzerkers are in the form of mercenaries. They themselves are trying to rebuild their strength and operate as mercenaries as well, taking on operations where they are likely to be able to capture people for slaves and recruits.

As you can tell, still fleshing things out but at least I have something to work from.

  • ming from b&c

    Another deffy!

    • The problem is they are AV12 and prone to getting a ton of attention. I love the model but it’s not the best heavy choice and competes with Obliterators. Running Defilers x 2 means only having 3 Oblits, which is the far superior heavy choice.

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