Disciples of Twilight: Help with Fluffy Stuff

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeI have banged my head against a wall on this since I started with my Chaos Marines and began establishing fluff for them. I figured it was time to toss this out to my readers in hopes of getting some feedback and ideas.

My Chaos Marines warband is called Disciples of Twilight. To the left here is a shot of their paint scheme. This is a warband I have created and has no basis in any established fluff. I won’t bog you down with the fluff I have created but I will give the basics. The Marines who join the Disciples of Twilight are fallen loyalist Marines from my loyalist chapter I created called Fate’s Angels. In short, the loyalist Marine fails in what is called a fate quest and upon failure gets sucked through the warp and dumped out on a planet; the planet where the Disciples of Twilight now reside and formed. The warband is not run by a singular person but by a council of a select few.

What I’m looking for help on is naming stuff. First, the council that leads the warband needs a name. The few words I’ve found that I liked are noctis and tenebra, Latin words for night. So, someone would be a member of Noctis, for example. In existing 40K fluff an example would be the Mournival of the Luna Wolves. Not a direct example but just to give an idea. Now, I haven’t written this off yet, noctis or tenebra, so my question is does it sound lame? Any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be rooted in Latin. Really I’m just after something that sounds cool to represent a group of leaders.

Along with that, I would love to come up with fluffy titles for my leader positions. This is the area I’ve had the most trouble and I have no real ideas. Good examples of what I mean though would be a Warsmith, a grand company commander in the Iron Warriors. Iron Father is another, a combination of chaplain and techmarine for the Iron Hands.

Finally, I’ve struggled with an idea to name my Imperial Guard allies. In my fluff they are an axillary force so they would fall under the banner of Disciples of Twilight yet they need their own name; something to designate them.

Any and all suggestions are most welcomed. For the record, there is no particular convention I’m adhering to. Things do not have to relate to twilight, dusk, night, etc. Despite being called Disciples of Twilight, naming does not have to have religious context. Something fitting my theme, such as it is, would be great but certainly not required.


  • TheRhino

    For the council…”Rectorum Tenebrae”? Guides or rulers of the night.
    For the Guard guys…”The Waning Light.” They precede twilight, heralding its ascension or announcing its arrival. Also signifies an inevitable fall from grace.
    No idea on leader titles.

    • I like those; great ideas. Much appreciated.

      • TheRhino

        No problem. Chaos fluff is more fun to write than Loyalist fluff.
        My self-made Loyalist Chapter was named “The Hammers of Elysium” before I started Ultramarines, because they specialized in drop pod assaults. Then I read about the Elysian Guard units, and scrapped it.

        • That’s the rub. Every time I find something cool to use I find it’s already used in existing 40K fluff, like your example. It’s like GW scoured and grabbed all the cool sounding mythology and historical references already.

  • Ben_S

    I’d suggest ‘Nocturnal Council’ – which happens to be the ruling elite described in Plato’s Laws. Have GW nabbed that one?

    • Good one and doesn’t appear they’ve snagged that one yet.

  • I forgot to add this one into the article. Another cool word I found was crepusculum. It’s Latin for twilight or dusk. It’s just a bit of a mouthful.

  • Jason Kahler

    For the guard: Brotherhood of Dusk

    Council: Lucubratus (Latin for work done at night)

    or, Noctuabundus (traveling by night)

    Not to be “that guy,” but I blogged about fluff and naming stuff once, too. Maybe it will be helpful: http://enormous-noise.blogspot.com/2011/01/emperors-spears-fluff.html

    You commented on it, Thor, some time ago, but maybe it will spark something new.

    • I remember that article. That was a while ago!

      I like your suggestions. I had settled on Furor Noctis for the council (The anger of the night), which I like but I do like the Brotherhood of Dusk for the Guard.

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