DIY Drop Pods Paint in Progress

Drop PodsHello all,

Last week I showed my WIP DIY drop pods.  In a push to get them table top ready for a team tournament this past weekend I managed to get them assembled and primed with a little bit of paint on them.I primed them in rust then gave them a light spray of silver from the top and a light spray of black primer from the bottom.  This gives them a somewhat shaded look to start with.  Then I blocked in the black (I put it on pretty thin, as you can see in the pictures) and filled the ‘eyes’ in with green.  Although this doesn’t look great it’s good enough to get them on the table without completely ruining the overall effect of the army and lays a foundation for the rest of the paint job.  After the tourney but  before I snapped these pictures I added two layers of stippled red on the vanes.

Drop Pods - 1
This shows the basic color scheme for the pods.
Drop Pods - 2
Both pods open. One still needs a magnet mounted storm bolter.

 The metallic spray paint I have doesn’t quite match the color used on the space marines.  I’ll give these a thinned coat of that color to bring them in line with the rest of the army.  The Reavers are based on various patterns of rusted steel plating to represent the interior of their space hulk, Niddhog, and I figure the inside of the pods should match this as well.  The primary supports and mechanisms would be maintained in good shape but the tread plating would be prone to neglect.  I hope to have time to finish these this week.

Next up will be my new (to me) landspeeders.  I bought them last week on eBay and they’re still en route.  Here are pics from the auction:

Land Speeder - 1
This one needs some minor repairs.
Land Speeder - 2
This one is going to take some work...

As you can see they are going to need some work.  They were dirt cheap though and having to repair them will only help them fit in the slightly ramshackle aesthetic of the Reavers.  I’ll be building Typhoon launchers for these and I may close up the crew compartment.

  •  Jesus, that Speeder needs a lot of love. Good luck with that one!

    • They arrived yesterday in the mail.  So far I’ve got them both stripped down to the usable stuff and I’ve started adding magnets to the first one.

      I’m taking pictures as I go, I think this will make a nice post when I’m done.

  • hippie

     Looks like a nice candidate for a wreck terrain piece.  Your time is definitely worth more than that.

    • The Reavers have an Orkish tendency of resurrecting wrecks so it fits the fluff :)

      By the time I’m done I should have an interesting conversion for about as much effort as converting a fresh kit so time wise I think it’s a wash.  What I’m really losing out on are the extra bits that would come with a new kit but I’m getting the two of these for less than a single new one so that’s not a big deal either.

      • hippie

        I’d ask on the forum maybe you can get bits you’re looking for through the locals.  Plenty of Marines for sure.

        • That’s a good point.  I have to remember to think of the locals when I’m looking for something.

          I just got a bunch of cool Grey Knight bits from Stealthy Stealth on Saturday.  I think those long GK power swords will make nice Frost Blades.

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