Down to the wire: Standish Standoff is this weekend!

Hello all,

I’ve been painting frantically to get a list ready for the Standish Standoff on Saturday.  This week I painted four slugga boyz and finished another four who’ve been sitting around partially painted for a while, giving me a total of 8 more finished.  They aren’t anything too special, but I’ve started experimenting with camo patterns for the Blood Axes and I’m pretty happy with the results:

I’ve also started a display board and am in the process of basing another 30 models.  After that I have another 15 or so that have been painted but need basing.  The display board needs a couple coats of paint.  Then I can spend my time cleaning up details on models that have received quick paint jobs in the past.

Let me know what you think!

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Looking good. I agree, the camo came out nice and the skin tones are well done too. For me the biggest seller on an Ork army is the skin, you get that and the rest is a bonus.