Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dreadnought (Part 2)


Dreadtober 2017

With the basic assembly done its time to start sculpting some gribbly bits.

Tortured daemonic skin with infected buboes. Paint will be used to show the stresses these are under, and show them leaking from where they may be damaged.

Further patches of daemonic skin with more buboes have been added to the main body.

I have started to build up the spine and add the small tentacles sprouting from the hole in the power plant. The cracks flow outwards creating a star of chaos.

I added a raised chaos star motif to this shoulder pad (copying the decimator slightly), and a small patch of buboes.

I removed the little nub piece from between the arm and the defiler claw and adjusted the angle of it slightly. A small patch of diseased daemon flesh was added.

On the base, where the claw will hit, I will be adding an impact crater to show the dreadnought using the claw to aid his movement.

Here he is after the first pass of green stuff. I have started to add the stretched skin that will surrounded the occupant (victim?) of the dreadnought. I still need to work on the large eye and add the nurgling hive (belly) to this portion of the model. I do finally have a name for him though because he has been described as gorilla like (Thanks Adam) he is now brother Grod. In DC comics there is a superman villain called gorilla Grod, and I have played some Injustice 2 where he features.

Work has proceeded on the arm. I have copied the cog (making it more decrepit as it nears the ‘elbow’) in green stuff and started to add bulk to the upper arm via greenstuff growths/muscle.

Now I am getting somewhere.

The havoc launcher and victim have been reinforced with greenstuff, and the claw has been adjusted so that the dread is supporting itself on the base. An exploding belly/nurgling hive has been added (one nurgling has even managed to escape while its fellows are in the process of bursting forth). One lantern (I think it came from a warmachine miniature) has been added to the butcher cannon array. I added some ravenwing exhaust pipes to act as the exhausts for the havoc launcher. The tentacles on the chest were removed and added into the nurgling hive as they didn’t work for me where they were initially placed.

Scale picture showing the dreadnought next to a plague marine, alpha Legionnaire and a customised exalted sorcerer. I need to grab one of my Alpha legion leviathan dreadnoughts for the next scale picture.

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Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dreadnought (Part 2)
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