Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dreadnought

Dreadtober 2017

For Dreadtober I am going to be working on a primaris redemptor dreadnought. Although it will not be aiding the armies of the false emperor. I have planned a bit of torture for the new occupant of this model’s sarcophagus.

Captured as a spoil of war during a previous campaign this dreadnought has been rebuilt by the chaos hellwrights within the eye of terror. Using the knowledge they possess they rebuilt the dreadnought falling back and using leviathan components to reinforce and repair as well as forming daemonic flesh melding techniques to increase the durability and strength of the chassis.

Here I have assembled the dreadnought into its initial sub assemblies.

The main body has been assembled normally, leaving off the front plate and one of the side armour panels. I used a tyranid carnifex carapace to use as a mounting point for a havoc launcher (not really an option for the model, but I wanted to include one.) while mounting two heavy flamers [Donators: redemptor dreadnought, macharius sponson] into the front weapon ports. The other carapace piece is from the tyrant guard plastic kit.

The power claw arm has had a defiler claw grafted onto it (I will fill in the gaps with daemonic flesh [Greenstuff]) and used a piece from the bloodthirster kit which I will try to match with green stuff as the limbs on this dreadnought are very spindly and I wanted to bulk them up.

This will leave many with questions about how chaos can use a redemptor dreadnought. I intend to use it as the closest thing to it that chaos can acquire, a hellforged leviathan dreadnought armed with a helforged siege claw, two hellflamers and a butcher cannon array. All lovingly gifted by papa nurgle.

Butcher cannon array.

Starting with the Gatling gun weapon of the redemptor I added some additional barrels to it to create this butcher cannon array. (I may add even more barrles before I am done)

Nurglings, armour plates and some lanterns.

Bitz that will be added in due time to this build. The nurglings are going to be added into and around the big green stuff belly (nurgling hive) I intend to add to the front of this dreadnought. The back banner will be placed on the havoc launcher while the armour plates are too clean. (Some chaos symbols and green stuff daemonic infected flesh are needed)

Back view.

I will be following the curve of the spine (with green stuff) along the dreadnoughts back. I added the carnifex armour-plate as it looked diseased and will form the basis of the carapace mounted havoc launcher.

Side view hellforged siege claw

I replaced the normal dreadnought ccw with a defiler claw. Green stuff will be used to bulk out the arm I may also trim down the defiler claw piece. For his left foot I glued on the fingers from the normal power fist in place of the normal toe piece.

Side view butcher cannon array

Green stuff will be added to the right foot to give a more cloven look (tying it in with some of the nurgle aesthetic)

Hellforged siege claw with meltagun

I have added a defiler armour-plate and terminator trophy rack in place of the normal armour-plate. The inner muscle piece is from the plastic bloothirster kit (Green stuff will be used to match and infect it on the other side as well as to bulk up this arm as it is very weedy) the meltagun is taken from one of the 30k plastic kits and I have used the flamer cable that comes with the redemptor to link it to the claw.

With his groupies

Here is the project so far. The occupant will be getting grafted into the dreadnought (Green stuffed daemonic flesh). My other plans revolve around adding a resident evil style large eye to the left front panel (painted like it has a cataract) tentacles coming from around the carapace plate on the right side, another tentacle coming from the large hole on the power plant as well as adding lumps of buboes and infection to flat panels. (I have a tool that when pressed into green stuff makes hemispheres)

I am still wondering if I should shorten the siege claw:

As I could remove the parts between the two red lines. Any suggestions?

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You’re off to a great start with this. The gun is insane, but I love it. I do also like the bulk of the claw, and I don’t know if I’d shorten it so much as reposition it. Try bringing the claw/fist towards the body, in front of him, bent at the “elbow”.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks for the suggestions Thor, I’ll reposition the claw and see if it helps.


this is my favorite build on the citadel.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Greg.


That is coming along really well and will suit the look of hellforged leviathan. The butcher cannon looks great, not a fan of the hand foot though. I think your plan of shortening the claw is actually pretty good.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Rory. Nothing is final yet, as for the hand foot during sculpting I may change things if they do not work with what I am working to.

Joe Baird

I love how you can take a Tom sculpt already overcrowded with guns and add even more guns to it :-) The conversion is looking good so far

Kenneth Raymond

I just looted my bitz box of all the autocannons and stubbers I could find then grafted them on. I liked the outcome so just ran with it. An array is more than one gun after all.

Da Masta Cheef
Da Masta Cheef

As an Ork player, that butcher cannon array looks like it has the appropriate amount (if that’s really possible) of DAKKA!!

Kenneth Raymond

Chaos and orks, the only places you can get away with being a gunzerker.

Siph Horridus
Siph Horridus

Love the Butcher Cannon arm, lol. How Nurgle has perverted the Corpse Gods minions, oh my ;)

Kenneth Raymond

Nothing is safe from the touch of chaos. We’ll have chaos primaris chapters at some point in the future. (Red corsairs perhaps. A future project I think. Could I get away with using a modified Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Ironclad as a repulsor….must stop thinking of making a pirate themed marine army)


I am a huge fan of the massive over scale of the Defiler claw! I say leave it as is, just another blessing from Papa Nurgle. Another suggestion for keeping it would be pose the claw so the dreadnought is using it as a support for getting around (I am thinking of a gorilla’s movement). Can’t wait to see how this one comes together!

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Adam, the Gorilla Idea is a really good one I shall have to look into that (And it would tie into the fact that helbrutes of all kinds are little more than beasts and make the ‘hand foot’ more relevant.)


Very cool conversion; rock on!