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Dreadtober 2018 #4

Dreadtober 2018 – Part #4: Rise of the Machines

Magos Scoria

I am nearing the end of the adventure with both this model and Dreadtober. With progress started on his base and more of the colours blocked in on the model itself I should be able to finish him off this coming weekend.

Bonus Content

Mechanicum castellax and castellanax automata

These are for playing 30k more than 40k but my friends let me use them as kastellan robots with different weapon loadouts. (Multi melta, two bolters and two fists, we treat the darkfire cannon as a two shot STR 7 Ap-3 Heavy 2 range 60” D D6 weapon that causes mortal wounds on the firing model for each 1 rolled to hit. Which has worked out well and doesn’t seem overpowered to us anyway.)

While the multi meltas may seem like a poor choice for use in 30k I find people only tend to buy armoured ceramite for 1-2 vehicles (Spartans, I have a haywire solution for them though). Multi meltas can still insta kill characters and multi wound marines and work really well vs enemy mechanicum units. {I’ve downed guilliman with multi meltas in 30k after I Haywired him out of his Spartan.}

The Kastellan robots have an alternative head option which comes from Wargame exclusive (Mechanic adept Kastelan robots alternative heads) I grabbed these because the heads were the part of these robots I did not like.

For those of you wondering the plastic robots have greater possibility when compared to their resin counterparts. My mechanicum colour scheme is based on using mostly metallic colours in this case the skeleton of the automata is painted with GW leadbelcher, the armour is painted GW Warplock bronze, P3 radiant platinum is used for pipes, blades and power feeds.

I switched from GW Gehenna’s gold to GW retributor armour which is by far the better paint to use when painting gold, the final stage is the paint the skulls (bone) and lenses (red) before adding a line of yellow (P3 cygnus yellow) and making some hazard stripes around the shoulder pads. When I add them to my army properly I will add a binary signifier to the rim of the base for identification purposes.

I have one more post planned for Dreadtober which I will collect everything I managed to paint this month and do some group shots.

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Dreadtober 2018 – Part #4: Rise of the Machines
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