Dreadtober 2018 - Part 2

Dreadtober 2018 – Rise of a King (Part #2)

The Alien King

I started by reading up on the origins of this guy before I started with his paint scheme. From what I have read from the alien comics [where his origins lie] he is supposed to be an artificial alien queen but infused with human DNA. So he is not a pure blood xenomorph. As such I wanted to simulate the comics by making him more of a purple colour than a normal alien.

I started the process in the same way by undercoating with black and drybrushing with silver {P3 radiant platinum). I then started using a purple wash (GW druchii violet) to tint the silver and the body of the model into a different shade. This will take multiple passes with the wash to get it right. As for the highly detailed base the model comes with (which features a powerloader that has been smashed underneath a tailfin from a dropship.) I am going to give it a good treatment with regards to paint as I plan to keep the king himself with a simple yet striking colour scheme.

The process

The Scuttlefex

As of yet this variant of the carnifex genius has yet to be seen in other hive fleets besides Kryptmare but we have seen in the past that the hive mind can pass information between hive fleets. So where it finds terrain that is too difficult for a normal carnifex to traverse it may turn to the Scuttlefex to fill its need.

– Inquisitor Lord Silens

After fully repainting this guy black I have applied my Hive fleet Kryptmare colour scheme to the model. (GW Doombull brown, GW warpstone glow, P3 beaten purple, P3 Cygnus yellow, GW mephiston red)

The completed Scuttlefex.


Old One Eye

For Old One Eye I decided to recreate the scheme he sported during the time when GW produced the first metal version of the character. I also grabbed a resin base for him to make use of. (An elliptical infested base from micro art studio. This was painted to match my army and tie Old one eye into it)

The creature known as old one eye has been sighted and defeated multiple times, too many for it to be a single creature. It is my theory that like the other tyranid organism known to us as the swarmlord that the genetic data for old one eye is known to the hive mind and that it can reproduce the creature on demand.

– Inquisitor Ditya – Speaking to the council of senior inquisitors on the nature of the tyranid threat.

Leviathan dreadnought

The fade were an experiment to see if using chimeric geneseed drawn from multiple sources could be used to create a stable chapter that could enjoy the benefits of the geneseed traits without the drawbacks normally found within. Initially this was successful as the marines of the fade were slightly improved when compared to a standard marine of another chapter. The real failing of the geneseed became known after marines started to die after less than two hundred years of service. These deaths were not caused by conflict but simple happened.

As this started to propagate itself throughout the chapter as time marched onwards the chapter master at the time having been instrumental in recovering fragments of the STC for the leviathan dreadnought frame had a forgeworld within the sector create multiple chassis using additional dreadnought systems where no data existed for the configuration of the leviathans. The usual drawback of the leviathan chassis burning out its occupant had a reduced effect when the occupant had a limited lifespan even when interred. The number of leviathan pattern dreadnoughts used by the fade grew as they ceased to use the other patterns as they would rather burn bright than fade away.

When the fade affliction manifested itself, the dreadnoughts were affected like the rank and file. It is not unheard of for the fade to field entire squadrons of leviathan dreadnoughts which can be summoned into the fight on demand by a sorcerer of the fade, in the same manner as other renegade astartes summon in their daemonic allies.

Inquisitor Serghar

I clipped the pieces, undercoated and started the process on this guy after completing the three other models. I wanted to convey a sense of momentum rather than making a more static pose so I started to experiment and came up with an interesting idea a running pose.

While he is still WIP (I have the arms and powerplant to get to this stage before I add details and then wash the panels to get a blue tint that grows darker towards the edges of the armour plates) Progress has been good and I find that the running pose adds to the model.

Additional pledge models

Now with me having completed ¾ of my models I pledged for dreadtober I am adding in two more.

A creature caster lord of metamorphosis that will become a daemon prince of tzeentch. {During my gaming groups last campaign one of my exalted sorcerers ascended to daemonhood so for the purposes of continuity I wanted to give him a suitable model for representing this on the tabletop.}

The second model is magos scoria (in the background of the pic above, he is bigger than most dreadnoughts but I am not sure if he counts for the dreadtober challenge.) who will be used in 40k as counts as Cawl while in 30k he will terrorize Guilliman and any other primarch that my opponent fields as he wrecks face.

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Dreadtober 2018 – Rise of a King (Part #2)
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