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Dreadtober 2018 - Part #3

Dreadtober 2018 – Part #3: The Fade Breach the Defences

Fade Leviathan dreadnought

My observations of the tactics of the Fade reveal the insidious nature of their Tzeentch spawned powers. Upon attacking a location, the Fade will spend the first few engagements caring little for their own well-being as they throw themselves against the defenders. These infantry-based assaults are done with the knowledge that even if they are slain the Fade will return the following day to try again with the knowledge of their previous attack added to what they already knew.

Dreadnoughts and heavier vehicles are used as the killing blow in these engagements when the Fade have gathered enough data to guarantee that the next attack will be the final push.

Inquisitor Serghar

Having got the pose I wanted and having laid down the base colour. I started using blue ink to wash the grey armour plates of the dreadnought to give it a look of being in flux. In addition I started thinking about the base and a quick root through the bitz box yielded the pieces I needed to show how the fade use their dreadnoughts.


Tzeentch Daemon prince

When Bale ascended to daemonhood during the Mirum Ostentum campaign few thought that his appearance would change so dramatically but then that is how the changer treats his followers. His usefulness outweighs his mischief. At least for now.

                                                                                                                                          Chaos Warmaster Vulcan Bloodfang of the tapestry of evil chaos warband.  

This model was intended to be used as the daemon version of a character from my Chaos warband the tapestry of evil. The character in question turned into a daemon due to his actions in my gaming groups previous narrative campaign the attack on Mirum Ostentum.

This is a Creature caster lord of metamorphosis model which I have painted up to match the original model of Bale. Then washed with inks to enhance the colours and give him a slight sheen on the yellow ‘wings’, this model is so wonderfully weird.


Magos Scoria

I have made some progress on this model laying down the basecoats and getting the first pass done on a lot of the details present on the sculpt. He is being painted up in the colours of my mechanicum Tagmata rather than copying the scheme used by forgeworld.

Bonus content

I have a few more models that are dreadnought sized in my to-do pile so, if I manage to finish off Scorias colour scheme (and his massive base) before the end of October I may just carry on and get as many larger models done as possible.


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Dreadtober 2018 – Part #3: The Fade Breach the Defences
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