Eagerly Awaiting the Astra Militarum Codex

Hello all,

Well, it was a busy week for me and I haven’t made much progress on my Rebel Grots army.  Since I don’t have any actual progress to show you I figured I’d ramble about something that’s been on my mind.  I’m sure many of you know that the new Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) codex is coming out this weekend.  Since I’m working on a Rebel Grots using IG rules for the Fratris Salutem in June I am very eager to see what changes will come with the new book.  I’ve been reading through the rumors lately, taking everything with a grain of salt as usual and wondering which would turn out to be true.  Now that we’re less than a week away we’re starting to see some preview shots and I’ve been hunting for every snippet I can find that pertains to my list. I haven’t found a lot, but I found two items that were interesting.

Here’s the list I’ve been working on:  http://cmdctr.net/lists/1500-rebel-grots-ig-fratris/

I have manged to find a few items that directly impact my list.  One I’ve been wondering about is the Armored Sentinels.  I’ve been using a squadron of three with Autocannons and Hunter Killer missiles.  Under the current codex these cost 70 points each.  I found this in the digital preview (non- iPad version.)  Sentinel

It looks like these have come down by 15 points each, meaning I’ve got another 45 points to spend (assuming the hunter-killer missiles haven’t gone up.)  Yay!  I am excited about this one because I’ve been feeling that the Armored Sentinels were a bit over priced for a while now.  It looks like the Extra Armor isn’t standard anymore.  It may be available through the equipment list.  In the soon to be obsolete codex it is a 10 or 15 point upgrade where available so this may account for the price drop but I’m still happy for it.  In most cases I’d gladly skip the extra armor and spend those points elsewhere.

In the iPad preview I found a shot of the Infantry Squad entry:

IMG_0026-1.480x480-75From this we can see that the Infantry Platoon mechanic is still in place, though it’s hard to tell if it still works the same way.  It does look like the prices are the same, with similar prices for the options shown.  They have added a flakk option for the missile launchers.  They’re pricy but it’s a good option to have.  I’m running two squads each with a flamer and lascannon.  I can’t see these options in the screenshot so I don’t know if the prices are the same (or if they’re available at all.)  I’m leaning toward the assumption that my Infantry Squads will be fine as they are.

Something else that can be seen in this shot is the new price for Chimeras.  They’ve gone up by 10 points and no longer include searchlights or smoke launchers.  Since I’m running three of these in my current list I’ve just lost 30 of the 45 points gained on the sentinels.  I’m down by three points if I decide to keep the smoke and searchlights!  At least this shows Hunter-Killers for 10 points so unless they differ from unit to unit I’m even there!  The 10 point increase is probably fair considering what you get with the chimera.  I don’t usually use the smoke launchers anyway but it a bit unfortunate to have them removed from standard gear.  The up-charge isn’t really a surprise and it creates a need for the cheaper Taurox.

Obviously, there’s still quite a bit of the codex to see but so far it looks like my list might pull through intact.  I’ve seen some rumored changes to Veteran squads that will cost me a plasma gun, and some changes to Company Command Squads that don’t have any impact on my current list.  I’m sure overall I won’t have to overhaul too much.  Until Saturday I’ll just have to hope for the best.

Anyway, that’s enough pointless rambling for today.  By next week I should have some modelling and/or painting progress to show off.

  • BeneathALeadMountain

    I’m stuck in the same boat: waiting to see the codex to decide the fait of my massively converted squat ‘guard’ force. What’s the veteran plasma gun change you’ve seen? Fingers crossed for saturday.

    • The rumor mill has it that veterans will become squads of 5-10 with one special or heavy weapon per 5 models. If that’s the case I’ll have to drop a plasma from my vet squad but I haven’t seen anything that confirms it.

      Converted squat guard sounds pretty cool. Do you have pictures posted?

      • BeneathALeadMountain

        Cheers Kamui. No real pictures although if you check out the earlier posts (only 8 in total) on the blog I’ve just started there are a couple of WIPs. Came back to 40k at the end of 5th (hiatus since RT!) and was initially very keen. Converted lots of stunties to fit in with the guard dex but ran out of enthusiasm and realised I’d need to spend a lot to get everything I needed. They’re all as yet unpainted as I was trying to get them modelled before painting. I’m hoping the new dex inspires me as I love my models and conversions and do miss 40k (currently I’m being heavily distracted by Bolt Action and Chain of Command in 15mm).


        • Those look great! Are you using the RT squats, from before the exo armor days? I have a single pewter plasma gun toting squat from those days that I plan to use in a command squad when I build a human guard detachment. It would be sweet to see a whole army of them.

          I also respect that your first post includes a Rebel Grot Head Honcho. That’s the same model I’m using for my Platoon Commander.

          • BeneathALeadMountain

            Thanks Kamui. I stupidly decided to use my original plastic RT era squats and re-model them. There are limited poses and the arms don’t allow magazines on weapons but I worked around it. I have around 80-90 done and still have 3 boxes of original plastic squats untouched. Let alone bikes, trikes, thudd guns, exo armoured chaps, hearthguard and nearly all the metal ones. Just wish I could find the motivation to re-start them. Hopefully saturday will be good for us both.

            • I’ll keep an eye on your blog, that squat project is definitely something I’d like to see reach fruition. With close to a hundred sloggers done I’d say you are too far in to quit now! I have found that blogging often motivates me to model when I might otherwise slug out. I hope it does the same for you.
              I’ve also heard the expanded grot rumors, and quite a few other interesting ork rumors that I’m not yet willing to bank on. I can’t bring myself to touch my orks because I know in a short time I’ll be at the same place as I am now.

  • Whenever a new codex comes out for an army your enjoy there’s a level of anxiety. You want certain things but also know you won’t get everything and the things you’ve banked on will get altered. Hopefully your army comes through this in good shape.

    • I believe the codex will probably be robust overall but since my particular army is still in the formative stages I don’t have the models to adapt quickly. Specifically I don’t have any extra infantry and they take me a lot longer to build than the tanks. If many or all of the other tanks go up in price like the Chimera have it will definitely impact me in a bad way!

      At least the sentinels have come down. I really like the sentinels from a gaming and model standpoint so I am glad it will be easier for me to squeeze them in. There is something about the light weight walker that I think fits the Rebel Grot feel quite well.

      • I was in the same boat when the Chaos codex dropped. We got 6th edition and then a few months later the Chaos codex and only a few months to prep for the Standish Standoff. I know well the fun situation you’re in.

        I imagine that it will all balance out though. Cheaper Sentinels stacked again more expensive Chimeras, for example. I have to think that even your basic Guardsman will get cheaper, or maybe the squad buy-in will be cheaper. Should wash out hopefully.

        • From the iPad preview I can see that the infantry squads are the same price and other than the Chimera and newly added flakk option, their upgrades are the same prices as well. I can’t see all of their heavy weapon options, or any of their special weapons, so there may have been some cuts or increases there.

          Looking at the Armored Sentinels again I just noticed that the Missile Launcher and Lascannon upgrades where both reduced by 5 points, and the Plasma Cannon was reduced by 10 points! I didn’t feel any of them were worth the points before but that brings them all into a range where I would seriously consider them.

          Anyway, I’m not concerned about the long term. I’m just really anxious to see how the new book will impact my modelling plans for the next month!

          • TheRhino

            The scarier part is that the word says some of the units in the book went missing. Half the artillery tanks (Griffon, Colossus, Medusa) went poof, and were replaced by the Wyvern. Of course, I was never a huge fan of facing an AP3 artillery tank that Ignored Cover. :P

            • I’ve heard that one as well. I’m hoping that if I ignore it adamantly enough it won’t be true! They are absent from the GW website, but the sentinel kit is also missing and the rules sheet I posted here is from the GW site so we know at least one of the missing models is in the codex. My hope is that the week three release will include those kits. Maybe they’ll be previewed in the WD that comes out this weekend.

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