Eternal Wargamer’s Hobby Update #1

Greetings Wargamers and Hobbyists, and welcome to a new format for regular updates from the Eternal Merry go Round of gaming, hobbying, modelling and collecting (which includes new purchases!).

I hope that this new format will allow me to check in with the community on a more regular basis and prompt discussions about various aspects of the hobby here on the Creative Twilight blog, while at the same time leaving me room to go nuts when I have an in-depth topic to cover as a separate dedicated article. Here we go…

The Eternal Workbench

This is the section of the post where I will tell you about what I am working on at the moment; modelling projects, painting and other ‘hobby goodness’.

Over the last few weeks or so the Eternal Workbench has been dedicated to the task of digging out all of the unassembled kits I have had laying around for a while and getting them built. This has included a box of Teutonic Infantry from Fireforge Games which I purchased to represent Brotherhood Knights On Foot for Kings of War, but which also inspired me to create an Age of Sigmar Warscroll for Bretonnian Foot Knights.

I always wanted to see the return of the Bretonnian Foot Knights, which ceased to be a part of the army before I even joined the hobby way back in 4th edition Fantasy, and the flexibility of the Age of Sigmar rules make it very easy to create Warscrolls for units that aren’t yet represented in the game, or even create entirely new units. Below is the Warscroll I created using the fantastic ‘Warscroll Designer’ site. Feel free to tell me what you think and use this Warscroll for your own Foot Knights.

Other than the Knights, I have assembled a Valkyrie for my Imperial Guard army, and I am part way through building an Ork Dakka Jet/Bomma, which will be constructed to allow me to change out key components so I can deploy the craft as any of the kit options that you can build. Both of these flyers have been sitting around since early 2015, so I am pleased to be getting these put together. It’s bad enough having large numbers of unpainted miniatures awaiting my attention, without building up a stash of unbuilt kits as well! This will then leave the assembly line clear for new projects…

News from The Front

This section of the post is where I bring you extracts from front line reports from recent games, and either regale you with my tales of victory or bemoan my tidings of defeat!

The majority of my recent club games have been Kings of War, during which I have been getting more solidly to grips with the game rules, and trying out various armies. I have also enjoyed being able to see some much neglected models hit the table after a lengthy absence. So far I have played using my Vampire Counts army as ‘Undead’, my Bretonnians as ‘Brotherhood’, my Ogres as, well, Ogres, and my Dwarfs – you get the idea.

I have found myself combining some unusual models in some cases however, for example using a pair of Chaos Spawn as ‘Forsaken Beasts’ in the ‘Brotherhood’ army. Up to now I have played ten games of Kings of War against three different opponents, and my record stands at six victories and four defeats, so on the right side of the line at this point.

2000 point Kings of War Battle – Ogers vs Nature & Elves

Other than Kings of War, my son and I are part way through our first game of Frostgrave, which is a cool little game with huge scope for model selection and warband themes. We have the Soothsayer ‘Old Holvand’ (of Hasslefree fame) and his warband facing off against ‘Agatha, The Grimhyde Witch’ and her followers in the Mausoleum scenario. Thankfully with the rules being fairly uncomplicated, my five year old boy is dealing pretty well with my interpretation of the game. Let’s see how this first game turns out.

First game of Frostgrave with the various pieces of terrain we cobbled together


The Incoming! portion of the post is all about new stuff: new models I have picked up for existing games, or even new games I am preparing to venture into.

Now, this is where things get really dramatic. I have two substantial hobby events about to occur in the Eternal Wargamer household. The first is that at any time in the next couple of weeks or so I (along with many other people, including two members at my local gaming club) am due to receive my Kickstarter Backer shipment from Hawk Wargames for the Dropfleet Commander game!

I decided to go into this game at Captain level (as my combined Christmas and Birthday gift from my wife and son), so I will be getting two copies of the boxed game, and the bolt-ons and additional Battlecruisers that I selected had an emphasis on the two fleets that will form the focus of my collection – UCM and Scourge, as well as a bucket load of stretch goal ships for PHR and Shaltari. I absolutely love cool looking spaceship type games (although I am not enough of a Star Wars fan to have invested in that game), and the Dropfleet Commander stuff will add a pile of sprues to the stuff I have to assemble. This is one of the reasons I wanted to spend some time building all the loose kits I had lying around, before a load more models arrive and start demanding my attention. The countdown to invasion is on…



The second event has already begun. I have taken some fairly large steps into Warlord Games’ Bolt Action game! This is almost entirely the fault of Dave from our gaming club, who got all excited about the idea of playing this game, and knowing I am a sucker for trying something new but also someone with a strong interest in this era, I agreed to look into starting up playing Bolt Action in some way.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

As it turned out, my wife had already bought me a platoon for this game, but that was the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard Platoon box (also known as the ‘Dad’s Army box), but that was more because she has an eye for models and knows I am a big Dad’s Army fan, but the seed was already there.

I am not the kind of person who can easily dedicate substantial funds to venturing into a whole new game, as I have  a family and bills to pay, which is one reason why I often try to find games that I can use models in my existing collection to play, but Bolt Action probably wouldn’t work so well with Dark Eldar and Tyranids all over the battlefield. I had a bit of a think about whether I would have to wait for another few months and put this game on the back burner until Christmas, or find a way to raise enough funds to start me off.

We did consider looking at playing the game using 20mm miniatures and vehicles at 1:72 scale, which does seem to be a popular and perfectly viable option for Bolt Action, as well as being substantially cheaper as a ‘buy in’ until we decided if we liked it enough to invest in the 28mm scale, but Dave was more keen on the models from Warlord, and it turned out we had a couple of clubmates who already had a small collection in 28mm.

The thinking went on to decide on the best way to get started. While I am pondering, Dave gives me a poke in the eye by ordering a box of British infantry! ‘Righty ho’ says I, ‘I know what to do!’

I remembered I had some wonderful out of production miniatures that were still in the packaging that I had been saving for a rainy day: Three unopened boxes of surplus ships for Man O’ War that I would never use, as my fleets were already double the size of a standard game, some 1990s era Dwarf Crossbowmen, Organ Gun and Flame Cannon, all in mint condition.

A couple of weeks of posting on Facebook trade and sale groups and on Twitter, and those models got shipped off to Canada, Belgium, Japan and Dorset, and I go online and order the pile of stuff below.

In addition to this lot, I have received the Army Books for both Germany and Great Britan, plus a pair of British Airborne Jeeps with Vickers Machine Guns. The 2nd edition Rulebook is pre-ordered for delivery next month on release, with another box of German Grenadiers, and I have just found out that yet another clubmate has some Russians knocking about! This will be a very interesting time in my hobby career, as this will be my first foray into historical wargaming of any description.

This brings us to the end of my new format Hobby Update, and I hope it provides some structure and variety to my posts. Please feel free to comment and ask questions or make suggestions.

Until next time – thanks for reading.

Eternal Wargamer

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You’re a busy man! Lots of good stuff here.

Spectre Senence

Cool article, I am also a big hobby gamer with many games catching our need to play. Just see our channel to see all of them! One of our Studio members also backed the Dropfleet Commander and the more I see, the more excited I get. Look forward toward your articles on that game after you get it all ready!