Events: The Standish Standoff – Nov. 12th

After having mentioned it a handful of times we finally have things wrapped up. On Nov. 12th Crossroad Games will be hosting its first ever annual 40K event, The Standish Standoff. Crossroad Games is located in Standish, Maine. If you’re in the area and are interested in joining this 30 player event with lots of goodies then check out The Standish Standoff Packet.

The event will be a three round tournament using hard and soft scores. We all wanted to do something big and different from our normal monthly tournaments and after a bunch of us got to play in a tournament hosted by the Dorkamorka guys in Watertown, Massachusetts, we started planning the Standoff. This has been months of planning and we still have some work left to do but it will be a great time.

Plague Marine by Todd Swanson
Plague Marine by Todd Swanson

Aside from the awards you’d expect at a tournament we’ll also be hosting a painting competition in various categories. The winners will receive trophies for their efforts. We have a panel of judges who will be evaluating the models and one of those judges is none other than Todd Swanson, Slayer Sword and Golden Daemon winning painter.

Lunch will be provided as well as some freebies. Every registrant will get a Standoff t-shirt as well as some dice.

Anyway, check out the packet and register quickly if you’re interested. Last I knew we only had 14 spots left and we only opened registration a few days ago!

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