Experimental Thousand Sons

tson1aI managed to find time to paint today, most of which i spent on this Thousand Son model.  As much as I like the traditional yellow and blue stripes, I decided I wanted to try something different.  I went with a turquoise blue kinda look…  and when I was finished I really liked it.  Now, hours later, looking at the photos and the model, I’m not quite as sure…


It seemed to me the yellow was too bright — I wanted to go for something darker and different.  The turquoise seemed a good choice, and I used it for the eyes and ammo too, representing the same burning magic that fills the empty suit of armor also ignites their Inferno bolt ammunition. Think I need a touch more white for those glowing areas though.


It’s definitely a different dynamic, and it works but does it work as well as the iconic yellow?  Any feedback/opinions welcome!

J. D. Brink

Brink’s Chaos Theory

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Experimental Thousand Sons
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