Fabius Bile

Fabius Bile: Is He Worth It? What Do You Think?

Wednesday night, after we were all done our 40K gaming, a few of us were talking and Fabius Bile came up in the conversation as an HQ choice for Chaos Space Marines. It wasn’t a super serious conversation, but it did get me thinking again about the possibilities of including him in my lists.

My Thoughts on Fabius Bile

Here’s how I see Fabius Bile. I think he’s too expensive to start with at 165pt. It’s a bit of a problem with Chaos Space Marines’ support HQ choices I find, they’re overpriced. If you’re unfamiliar with Fabius, he’s a bit of a mixed bag of stats somewhere between a typical support HQ and a Lord. He comes with power armor and no invulnerable. He does have feel no pain but he’s only T4. Fabius comes with the Rod of Torment, user strength melee weapon that’s instant death, and he’s S5. He also has the Xyclos Needler that’s an 18″ assault 3, poisoned 2+ shooting weapon.

As you can see, he’s not exactly built for shooting or for melee. The instant death weapon is neat, but I wouldn’t bank on it. His value is in what he can do otherwise. His Enhanced Warriors rule lets Fabius choose a Chaos Space Marines unit (as in the base CSM squad), and grant them fearless and +1S for the entire game. That’s not terrible. The other thing is that Fabius is fearless, so you can enhance one CSM squad to get fearless and then put Fabius in another so they become fearless by his presence.

In Practice

I’ve used him in the past a few times and I didn’t hate him. I used him to the effect noted above, getting two fearless CSM squads with a single HQ choice. I see the +1S on a CSM squad as a bonus, though you could build around that. You could take a squad, give them Mark of Nurgle for +1T and then enhance them with Fabius for some T5, S5 Marines that are fearless. MoN (Mark of Nurgle), is 3pts a model.

The other consideration is giving the CSM a CCW (close combat weapon), for an extra attack at 2pts a model. If you’re jacking up your Marines then taking that extra CCW becomes a consideration I feel. Then, of course, there’s the cost of Fabius himself.


I see the potential with Fabius, but I’m just not sure it’s worth the cost. You could just play it cheap, as I’ve done in the past, and just enhance your basic CSM squad and call it a day. However, is his 165pt price tag worth going that route? On the other hand, is it worth jacking up one CSM squad to better utilize what Fabius has to offer?

Fabius Bile is a character I think is neat but I’m just not sure he’s more than neat. What do you think? Do you have any experiences using him?

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Fabius Bile: Is He Worth It? What Do You Think?
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