Blog: Finding My Voice

Blog: Finding My VoiceI began this blog over a year ago as a platform for commission painting. This past February I decided to start posting about 40K and try and bring this blog into the mighty 40K blogosphere. Surprisingly I’ve managed to hammer through six months of posting my musings and ramblings, making it beyond the typical mark many bloggers do before burnout sets in and ideas run out. However, now I’m finding myself at a crossroad.

Anyone who has started a blog can tell you it’s easy to get articles up in the beginning. You have all these ideas and opinions pouring out of your head. Eventually that library of articles becomes exhausted. This is the point when some give up on their blog or they post once a month. That is where I am, however I have no intention of fading out or becoming an irregular poster either. So, what does that leave me with now the easy stuff has been done?

Seemingly unrelated but it all comes around in a moment, House of Paincakes started up a little over a week ago, check it out if you haven’t. Last week I sent an email explaining how WordPress users could add the HoP logo to their site. They were very grateful for my instructions and Lauby told people if they wanted to show appreciation then they should check out my blog. He also said something that struck a chord by saying, “He’s got a pretty robust collection of articles covering almost every aspect of 40k and some pretty good gaming introspection.”

Introspection…yes, I suppose I do have some of those articles here. Hell, I started my Gauntlet series for that sole purpose, to put gamers into situations that they dislike, aren’t used to, or never considered with the intent of creating introspection. I also have, though only one article thus far, my series on Lessons Learned where I evaluate…well, lessons learned through experience.

That one word has given me a direction to pursue with this blog. I’m a programmer by trade and it’s my nature to analyze and evaluate everything with logic and experience. There isn’t a 40K game that I walk away from without running that game through my head multiple times to try and find where I failed, where I excelled and how I could improve. I may not be the best strategist or tactician out there and I may not be able to tell you the best list to run for a given army to win that tournament but I may be able to give you the tools that allow you to get there yourself, at least that’s my hope.

With all that being said, things may be a bit quiet for a few days. I need to get some steam going with my new sense of direction and finally pull this blog together into something cohesive. I’m also completely open to suggestions.

  • It’s always rewarding to see growth and change. I enjoy your blog (haven’t read even a quarter of the goodies yet) and can’t wait to see what you have to bring in this new installment.

  • Glad you enjoy the blog and I can’t say how much of what you find here are ‘goodies’ but there certainly is a lot of rambling to be found :)

    I also appreciate the link from your blog. I’ve returned the favor in kind. Now I’ll remember to visit it. I think that’s really what my blogroll is, reminders for me!

  • I’ve been looking around your blog for a while now and am still finding lots more cool content. For example, just last week I started looking through the impressive records of all your games over the past several years. It’s very fascinating to see the story of your 40k experience in such a unique way. And the Gauntlet series has been really great, I just wish I’d had the opportunity to participate in it sooner.

    I look forward to seeing the direction you decide to take Creative Twilight. Any thoughts on what more you’d might like to do?

    By the way, I haven’t gotten much time yet to try out your army list program. I did get to try out some basic stuff on it and have encountered no problems. First impression is that it’s an excellent tool, just what I’d hoped it would be. Thanks for letting me try it out, I should be able to give you more feedback soon.

  • My Army Record is the programmer nerd in me. I can’t help but database things like that and so I started that as soon as I got into 40K. I may be the only person I’ve met who has a history of every single game they’ve played, heh.

    As far as direction, it’s not so much changing it as refining it I think. I’ll still post up the same stuff I do now but I just feel more like I have a direction now instead of whatever suits me on a given day. So, when struggling to find something worth posting I at least have an objective I’m trying to fill.

    No big deal on the program. I have a friend at the shop trying it out also. Between the three of us using it as we have time, though I use it weekly, I’m sure we’ll find whatever bugs I have left in there.

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