Flesh Hounds of Khorne WIP #8

Flesh Hounds of Khorne: WIP #2

This is the last of the unit. They are all painted and I’m working on the basing now. I also need to pick up another base for one of them, you may notice him leaning on his head at the end of the line. This batch I decided to do with all black fur unlike the previous batch that had some with red fur. It made the process faster and will also let the two with red fur stand out a bit more in the unit.

Flesh Hounds of Khorne WIP #8

Not much else to say other than it looks like I’ll get them done this weekend. That will leave me with a few odds and ends for the Standoff this month. I’m working on the base for my Heldrake and I need to get an icon of vengeance done for one of my CSM squads as well as a close combat arm for one of my Aspiring Champions. For once I’m in good shape and won’t be rushing last minute to get stuff done.

Update:¬†These have since been rebased, so you can see a much better showcase of them in the Flesh Hound’s painting showcase.

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Flesh Hounds of Khorne: WIP #2
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