Fluff: Disciples of Twilight

Disciples of Twilight IconAs I’m making slow progress on painting my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, I’m also slowly trying to work on their fluff but have admittedly not gotten very far with it. I’m one of those people where the fluff helps drives my motivation with an army. It’s one reason I’ve managed so many games with Fate’s Angels, my vanilla Marines; they have some relatively established fluff. Without the fluff it’s just some plastic dudes I roll dice with.

One problem I’m having is the current Chaos codex has some pretty dull fluff. Being that Chaos is new to me and I haven’t been in 40K for long compared to many, well I have little to draw from. Being it’s Chaos I could go in a lot of different directions but I also don’t want to create something too far-fetched either.

What I do have so far is a logo and a paint scheme. The lead-in image is the logo, something I had done quickly in Photoshop, and below is the scheme I’ve decided to go with.

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeI know I want them as renegades. I haven’t decided if they’re a legion splinter group or fallen loyalists. I also see them as zealots but the reason for their fanatical nature is undecided. The only other thing I’ve decided is they are undivided and the cult units are mercenaries.

As you can see there is much undecided. I haven’t managed to play a ton of games with them yet either, another place I try to draw inspiration from. Hoping that will change. Meanwhile, anyone have any good resources for cool Chaos fluff?



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