Fratris Salutem 2013: Date Changed to June 1st

Fratris Salutem 2013To help spread the word quicker, the date for Fratris Salutem had to be moved to June 1st because of a conflict. Naturally, for Magic States they decided May 18th was a wonderful date for their event and this was only told to those who work at Crossroad Games, the event host, a few weeks ago. It’s no fault of XRG and they have offered refunds for those who can’t make June 1st and also lowered the entry fee for those buying tickets going forward.

So, hopefully those who were going can make the new date and maybe this new date will get some extra people who couldn’t make May 18th. If you want more info then check out this thread on our forum. I did update the packet for the event. You can find it on that linked forum thread or just go here. Also, tickets are still on sale over here.

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