Fratris Salutem 2013: Tickets are on Sale

Fratris Salutem 2013The tickets for the 40K event on May 18th, 2013 at Crossroad Games are now on sale. If you’re not sure what Fratris Salutem is you can get some more information regarding it over here. There will be 40 players, 20 per-side, and it will likely sell out. So, if you’re interested in attending then be sure to snag your ticket soon.

Speaking of, I have not done much here lately because of working on the event. Right now I’m working on the sculpting for the winning team’s medals so we can get a mold and get it cast and lastly paint them. I’ve also been working on missions. It’s great having the freedom to create missions for an event like this but all that flexibility can quickly over-complicate a mission or have it fall short of your goal. Spectre Senence and I played tested the first two last night and they went well but we realized there’s a lot of tweaking needed on that second one. So, until we get missions nailed down and get all the hobby work done you won’t see too much of me here unfortunately.

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