Fratris Salutem 2016 Concluded

This past Saturday was the 3rd annual Fratris Salutem. Fratris is a narrative 40K event that pits the Imperium against the Forces of Chaos. The two sides battle through three games that are uniquely created for the day to further drive along the story. The story began with Chaos seeking one of the missing Primarchs, thought to be held by the Ultramarines. The initial conflict saw the Ultramarines evacuate the planet that Chaos attacked. Later on, Chaos would find the Ultramarines again. In that battle, the Eldar swept in and escaped with the figure. This year, both sides sought to track down where the Eldar went.

The event went great from my perspective as the organizer, and the players all seemed to have a good time. As stressful as it can be getting the event ready, it’s my favorite day of the year for 40K. As much as I love playing 40K, it’s so much more rewarding to create an experience like this for others to enjoy. I spent the day walking around to all the tables watching the games unfold to the story I set up. It was pretty damn fun. It’s also, in my opinion, the way 40K was meant to be played. The game of 40K is perfect for setting up story driven campaigns, and creating an interesting conflict. Sure, you could play perfectly balanced games that’s purely a test of player skill, but to step into the world of 40K for a few games, that’s far more fun to me.

The players who attend all get what the agenda is. They aren’t there to win best general; and in fact, it’s not even an award I hand out. They are there for (hopefully) three great games of 40K, win or lose. The missions may not be balanced, but they create interesting games, and that’s the goal.

This year was the closest Fratris Salutem we’ve had. The first year had the Imperium win all three games, and the event. Last year had Chaos do the same. This year Chaos won the first game, the Imperium the second by 1pt, and Chaos the third to pull out victory for the day. It was also the first year that every single player got perfect sportsmanship. I remain impressed by that.

Next year will conclude the story. I don’t want the event to remain a continual game of cat and mouse. That would grow old. So, next year will be the final Fratris Salutem. That being said, the event will continue on. A new story will be created, and a new stage set.

Now for a picture dump. I took some pictures during the day, though not as many as I’d like to have. The shop also took some pictures, as well as another player – I stole your pictures, Hazzard. So I’m going to consolidate everything here. There’s going to be some duplicates, and nothing is put in order. I’m lazy.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and I’m really looking forward to next year.

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Some fantastic looking armies there. Glad all had a great time, well played good sir.


Looks like fun. Thanks for the photos. The best event I attended removed the best general award. It was relaxing. Guys brought models they wanted to play with. There was not a single argument all day.

Joe Baird

looks like a great time! This is definitely the way I like to play 40k – tell a story and enjoy the game!