Fratris Salutem 2015 Game

Fratris Salutem MMXV Completed

Saturday was Fratris Salutem, the 40K event I’ve been working on throughout the winter. We only had 10 players of the allotted 20 but considering the type of even it is, 10 is a good number. Not everyone is into a story driven narrative day of gaming…though why they wouldn’t be eludes me ;)

The day went well, as expected. Putting together an event like this that’s more story and fun than serious gaming isn’t easy. I could write three missions for a standard tournament in no time. Writing three unique missions for Fratris Salutem, plotting the story, setting it up for a future event, that took a ton of time. Thankfully TheRhino had some material I used. He was going to run it in 2014 but we had to postpone it. TheRhino had material he worked on, in his head anyway, so I consulted with him on a lot of the storyline. I appreciate the hand there, TheRhino.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and we had plenty of prizes. Every single person walked away with something, which was my goal. Regarding that, thanks to Ming for donating two prizes for the prize pool.

You can find a bunch of pictures of the day up on Facebook. I’m not downloading all those just to post here :P

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a day of casual 40K gaming. Seeing people having a good time at the event makes it worth it and hopefully next year we can get some more players involved. Now, time to relax a bit and finally get in some work on my Chaos army again.

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Fratris Salutem MMXV Completed
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