Fratris Salutem Prep – The Last Minute Scramble

Time is quickly winding down. This Saturday is the 3rd Fratris Salutem. It’s an incredibly fun event to run, and I thoroughly enjoy myself every year. Just like every year prior to this, I’m scrambling to get everything done on time.

The big thing is getting the missions written. This is the area I always struggle with, yet enjoy doing the most. The missions are always unique each year, and they play a part in the narrative of the day. It’s easy enough to create some balanced missions, throw them at the guys, and say enjoy. But, to create missions that tell a story, play to that story, aren’t balanced yet are enjoyable to play, that’s a tricky matter.

Yes, I said not balanced. Part of telling a story is having a protagonist and an antagonist. To that end, there must be times when one or the other has the upper hand. This is a narrative event, not a tournament, and the story is all the sweeter when you claim victory against the odds.

Unbalanced missions aren’t something I strive for, or anything new, I just never talked about it before. Ultimately I put the story, and the direction I want the day to flow, ahead of everything. I then use the missions to fill in the gaps and connect the prologue to the epilogue.

At this point, I have one mission 90% done. The remaining 10% is just formality and cleanup. I have another mission that’s about 60% done, and a third mission that’s just a thought in my mind right now. I’m running it down to the wire, but really it’s when I do my best work.

Now, I have to get back to getting this event ready. See you all Saturday!

Oh, hopefully next week I can return to some normal blogging. Fratris is taking up what little free time I have lately. Once the event is over, it’s back to working on my Chaos Knight.

  • Wow you are cutting things close. I am sure you can pull it off and sleep the weekend after.

    • That’s just how I function, last minute work. I now have 2 fully completed missions though. The third I’m trying to work out some kinks with my idea before I tackle it.

      • It’s like that old Calvin & Hobbes comic.
        “I just can’t work unless I’m in the right frame of mind.”
        “And what’s that?”

        “Last minute panic.”

  • I don’t think it is possible to do balanced and narrative anymore in 40k (certainly in a tournament setting anyway). It is certainly something to strive for I agree but the core rules of the game seem to just naturally counter this. Good luck with the tourney, hope it is a success and everyone has a blast :)

    • You’re probably right.

      Thanks. I’m sure I’ll put up lots of pics after the event.

  • Best of luck with the event Thor! It’ll be a blast!

    • Thanks. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s so much fun watching people have a great time at something you poured your heart into.

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