Games Workshop Raises Prices…Whatever

You can find the articles damn near everywhere, this isn’t so much about the fact that they are raising prices as it is my attitude towards it. That attitude is indifference. I’d love if they never raised prices, who the hell wouldn’t? However, the reality is that prices will increase on everything you ever buy. I’m more pissed off when prices rise on commodities, you know the stuff you need to survive, than I am when GW hikes up prices on my hobby. What’s the going rate on gas now?

Yeah, it sucks but I’ll survive and you won’t hear me bitch about it. So, a Predator will cost me $4 than it would have a month ago, I can cope. It’s not as though I’m buying 100 Predators and now paying $400 more than before.

Maybe I’m just more pragmatic than others. I’m in a hobby that costs money and as with anything I expect to deal with price increases. I also have a job, so a means to fund the hobby. An extra few bucks isn’t going to break my bank account. If it would then I’d need to find a new hobby like checkers or frisbee.

  •  In other news, both Checkers and Frisbees will now be made with resin instead of plastic, costing 20% more. Some believe Chess sets will soon follow suit and it’s been suggested that Bum Fights will be returning with a special “medieval” edition as a cost effective replacement… Frisbees will no longer be sold in England, due to it being an island and risk of environmental damage from the increased chance of them being lost at sea – some argue while this sucks for Frisbee enthusiasts, that Beach Balls float and are therefor far superior.

    • haha, I love it!

      • I think that sums up current events quite nicely… 

  • Anonymous

    It’s more “The sky is falling” from those who have nothing else to talk about. It’s simple really folks, if the price is too steep don’t buy it. Eventually GW will hit their price ceiling and prices will either come down or they’ll go out of business.

    That said, I do trawl (trawl, not troll) through the ebay pages a little more intently than I did about 3-4 years ago.

    • douglas dickson

      I’m not going to cry about it, there’s no point. But the price hikes and power creep finally made me switch to Warmachine, and honestly, I’m much happier.

      • I’m only familiar with WM via-blogs and what I read but isn’t it about the same cost overall? That is to say building a relatively competitive army. I’ve seen the beak downs on BoLS and it is a bit cheaper from what I’ve read but not by a huge margin or anything.

  • TheRhino

    Good summation with the Predator example.
    I think the hardest hit are those in the southern hemisphere.  Seems Aussies pay out the bung for their kits.
    The price hike _might_ keep me from starting my Sisters army if/when the new book comes out, but I can’t say til I see the new models.  I’m turning off the spigot on my secondhand trades and purchases of Sisters models now, though.   

    • Those not in the US or eastern Europe I can feel for. It’s not so much the price increase that hoses them, it’s how GW handles those areas in general. Of course increasing prices when you’re already in a bad position like that is just adding fuel to the fire. GW really needs to bring those areas inline with the rest of the world.

      • TheRhino

        I’d like a snapshot of GW’s distribution channels.  The Aus/NZ pricing might be because they don’t own any shipping or distribution facilities in the area, and therefore have to ship everything from the UK distro. 
        The Aussies and Kiwis have to stop complaining though.  They have crocodiles, kangaroos, and hobbit houses. 

        •  Good call on the crocs, kangaroos and hobbit houses!

  •  I think people’s complaint is that resin is a much cheaper material with very similar casting molds/process as far as cost go. So Although they are using a far cheaper material they are raising prices. Not lowering the price would have been seen as a fair handed price raise but a 20% hike on top of cheaper materials seems more akin to gouging.

    • I’m willing to bet the increase is to cover the costs required to switch over the process to resin. No doubt they spent a ton of money to do that and there’s no way they’d recoup that, at least in a reasonable time to please investors, if they didn’t raise costs.

      • TheRhino

        Don’t forget the increased staffing for quality control.  News says its a resin/plastic hybrid, but if it’s anythingl ike the trash Forgeworld uses, they need an army of QC people to check all that product.
        If you screw up a production run of metal or polystyrene models, you can remelt the metal and recast, or rechip and reinject the plastic.  I think resin is non-reusable, so every screwed up run is landfill fodder you can’t recover material from.  That might also be factored into the pricing.

        • Maybe the screwups will lead to a half off discounted “poorcast” line… 

          • Possible. Does Forge World do that? Probably a good indication of what GW would, or would not, do.

  •  You have the only article worth reading about the subject. Thanks for the perspective

    • Thanks. I just hate the ‘sky is falling’ posts that fly up when stuff like this gets out.

  • Anonymous

    lol, you’re completely correct.  If you want to complain about something in 40k having to do with prices, complain about how much GW is ALREADY overcharging for their stuff.  50 cents of plastic makes them $50 or more.

    I entirely agree.  Good article, heh.  Much better than the same old rantings that EVERYONE else’s blog has every year about the same thing.

  •  As I said elsewhere too, the price increase kinda sucks but then again it’s not like I am going to stop buying GW models. I still think they are the best models in the market and overall the hobby is not that expensive. Do people really want to start a new army every three months or something? And even if they did, would spending 250 quid (over said 3 months) too much for a creative hobby? Hell, even going out drinking beer is more expensive.
    Anyway, instead of boycotting GW or whatever I try to save some money by getting the auxiliary stuff from different sources (i.e PVA glue from the hardware store which is like 3 quid for a bucket) and in return get some more models. My 2 cents.

    •  Agreed. Hell, even when I got into the hobby originally I knew the markup on things like glue, flock, hand tools, etc, from GW was just way too much and always bought from other sources.

      • Yep! Well when I started I didn’t really know where to buy other stuff so for the first couple of years I was only using GW products. When I realised that there are so many other brands out there that make (in my opinion) superior products, I switched to them. Not out of spite for GW but because it was the logical thing to do. More value for money and better results. But the models (and the games) are irreplaceable.

        • Anonymous

           Yeah – GW actually has a good model for it’s PVA/Flock/Hobby Tools. ALMOST everyone knows it’s way cheaper to get that stuff somewhere else – they just offer it for either the last minute impulse buy, the “oh crap, I forgot that” effect, and the (vast) minority of people who simply don’t know any better. For instance, I never buy GW glue, but when you’re at a tournament and your broadside decides to play airborne infantry and the only thing available is that overpriced GW glue…

          • Haha yeah! Well I didn’t know any better back then but it’s different now. I remember I was at a tournament a few years back and one of the GW staff member refused to sell me a GW tape measure (he is a very decent guy). He just told me to go to the B+Q next door and get a much better one for 1/3 of the price! 

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  • Easterling, I don’t if this helps, but some of their projects are very reasonable despite the tax hike. Take for example, the Grey Knights Terminators compared to their metal counterpart. For the Metal models, you get what you see basically, just metals models that require a bit a superglue and putty to fix the joints. Now, look at the new Grey knights terminators plastic kit. More than just 5 models, GW gave you the option to customize and change your models to your liking! In addition, if you are a wise gamer hobbist with a bit of skills (not much really) in drilling, you can install small magnets on arms, heads, and even joints. I did this method with my Chaos Terminators and I utilize 95% of the plastics.

    I don’t like the prices rising, but i understand just how tedious business may be in these times. Hopefully it will ease down but the prices doesn’t scare me from buying Lord of the Rings and Warhammer miniatures.

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