Games Workshop Steps into the 21st Century

This isn’t breaking news or anything, but for those who have not seen, Games Workshop has decided to get themselves back into the social media scene. That’s right, Games Workshop has set up pages on Facebook for their brands, including Forge World. Amazing, right?

On the 40K page, they have even asked the community for questions to answer for the next FAQ. Yep, you heard me right. They asked the community something, are listening, and will respond to us. Pick yourself up off the floor now, and go check it out.

Also, in a smart move (must be a new marketing team), they have created a WordPress blog called the Regimental Standard. The Regimental Standard blog has articles that are like announcements/informative releases to the Astra Militarum, however the entire thing is tongue in cheek, and surprisingly funny. Really, you should go check it out, it’s great.

The Facebook stuff seems like a no-brainer for Games Workshop, but let’s be honest, there’s a lot of no-brainer stuff they could be doing and aren’t. The company was once ingrained in the community, and the better for it, yet had decided to pull back to the point of not engaging with their community at all. The fact they got back into the scene is positive. Sure, late to the game, but here none-the-less. I’m optimistic that we might see the games we love flourish once again now that they are seemingly listening to us.

Update: I just added the Blood Bowl page. That one snuck in on me.

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Hopefully this step will help the company step up their game.

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

This has me very hopeful. GW has been making strides in the past few months that I never thought they would, but this just blew me away. It’s so strange, but entirely fantastic to see them stepping up their game and treating their fanbase with at least a modicum of respect.

stats DGDWH

The regimental standard is very funny, thanks a lot, it is impossible to avoid to read it without a propaganda documentary tone of voice in your mind ahahah


Yeah, I think the changes the new CEO has started are really starting to filter through to our experience as customers here. Here’s hoping they get some positive reinforcement from those changes, because I like the direction I’m seeing so far.


Phew! Is the sky falling? I am pleased they are interacting with their fans finally. I just hope they can control the inevitable spew of negativity that some people feel it is their sworn duty in life to spew. I think this is a really positive move and long live their sudden progressive approach


Its at least a step in the right direction. Lets wait if sth changes in the long term


This is awesome! I think they are learning they need to engage with the youth to have any chance of maintaining their income over the next decade.

On a side note, age of sigmar @ adepticon had 50 participants…the armies were gorgeous, and it was one of the most gender neutral of the events!