Gauntlet #3: There Can Be Only One…or Two! (Revision)

Here was what I said on the last Gauntlet:

Something I see a lot at the LGS is doubling up on HQs, or more in the case of Space Wolves. I rarely double up, usually only at 2K and above and only if I plan to field Nobz as troops. With my Marines I don’t think I’ve ever doubled up on HQs, though maybe I have, hard to recall.

Having realized that this Gauntlet is useless to someone who currently only fields one HQ, I thought I’d revise it so it’s applicable to anyone.

Gauntlet: If you routinely field more than one HQ then field only one next game. You can field units like Command Squads or a retinue, but only use one slot on the force organization chart for HQs. If you usually only run one HQ then field a second.

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