Gauntlet #3: There Can Be Only One

Something I see a lot at the LGS is doubling up on HQs, or more in the case of Space Wolves. I rarely double up, usually only at 2K and above and only if I plan to field Nobz as troops. With my Marines I don’t think I’ve ever doubled up on HQs, though maybe I have, hard to recall. So for this week:

Gauntlet: Only field one HQ choice. You can field units like Command Squads or a retinue, but only use one slot on the force organization chart for HQs.

The last Gauntlet was Less is More, how did you do?

I played my Orks and so limited myself to three troop choices. The timing couldn’t have been better as we’ve been doing this campaign at the shop and this week to win your game you had to table your opponent. So, without having to worry about objectives it was a matter of making a list that dished out pain and was hard to eliminate.

I won’t run through my entire list but it was a very shooty list with my three troops, Boyz in Trukks, there for cleanup. It worked damn well too. The points not spent on troops let me fill up my heavy slot with all tanks for an Armored Krumpany, we were playing 1,500, and still flesh out fast attack well. The result was brutal. I was able to table my opponent and I still had my Battlewagon, 2 Looted Wagons, 8 Lootas and 8 Boyz left. It’s not an amazing amount of things left but Ork stuff isn’t exactly very resilient either. I may have found a style of list I like as much as my Speedmek.

  • Dobb

    A shooty Orks? That’s something rare coming out from you, Thor.

    I’ve been relying on a single HQ for games in between small to 1500, I wouldn’t use 2 unless I needed SAG or a Warboss for that nasty Leman Russ. KFF is just kinda sticks to your head if you’re an Ork player. So I always know my HQ slot is “filled”

  • The shooty portion of my list was mostly housed in the Battlewagon with killkannon and 2 Boomwagons. I did also have 12 Lootas and my usual contingent of 12 Shootas in a Trukk. I got the usual response after a few turns, “Who said Orks couldn’t shoot?”

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