Get Added to the Blogroll & New Blog Blast Feature

If you’re interested in being added to the Blogroll to the right then just drop me your site URL in the comments and just make sure you link back to me. Any type of wargaming related site is welcomed and preferably those that update more than once a year ;)

In a somewhat related note, I’ve setup a Blog Blast. Once a week it sends out an email with all the new articles for that week. It’s a great way to stay current with what’s going on here if you don’t hit us up every few days. I thought I’d try it out and see if there was any interest.

There’s a join form to the right of this and below if you’re interested.

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  • Gary marsh
    • Added!

      Great to see a Chaos blog. Seems we’re few and far between. Your chapter master is awesome as well; commented to that effect over there :)

      • Gary marsh

        It was your Chaos Space Marines that attracted me here in the first place.


    Please add me to your blog roll. Regards, Karl

    • You’ve been added.

      For some reason my blogroll thinks you last posted 336 days ago but that normally fixes itself pretty quickly.

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