How to Get Your Blog Famous in One Step

Solution: Join the blogroll here!

How do you get listed on the blogroll? Leave a comment below. What is a blogroll? Well, the blogroll is the thing to the bottom right, and also located here.

Also, the form located here is another way to get listed on the blogroll if you prefer.

In either instance, the only thing we ask for in return is that you also add us to your blogroll. It’s simple, and we both get super famous ;)

Oh, that picture of Kaley Couco? Just showing you that you could be famous like her…yeah, that’s it!

  • Dribble dribble gurgle….. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sean

    I thought I was already on your blogroll. It appears not. You guys are on mine, that’s how I saw this post.

    • Easily rectified! You are now on there.

      Your blog is familiar. Wonder if I missed it over when I changed what I use for the blogroll…

  • JD Brink

    My new one probably isn’t on there.
    Basically, moved to wordpress and therefore dropped one word from the old one. but it’s still active too.
    I’ll add this to my friendly links page right now.
    and i figured the way to get famous was to put that picture up on your own blog. it got my attention!

    • WordPress, good call. I just updated the URL here, all set.

      Who better to teach you to get famous than some guy who posts click-bait articles? ;)

  • Sweet, I don’t think I’ve ever been famous before, well not for any good things^^ ;)

    • If you pose like Kaley in the shot above, wearing what she did, you’ll get famous ;)

      • Do it while reading a codex in the shot, and double points!

        • haha!

          • ROFL I don’t think I want to get famous that much.. well right now at least ;)

            • We’ll be ready when you are ;)

        • N-to-tha-E-to-tha-RDGASM! Kaley, that is.
          Not any of you lot.

          • We’re sexy damn it!

  • Turkadactyl

    I upgraded the Roost from to That may need to be updated on your blogroll.

    • I’ll update that when I get home tomorrow.

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