Glancing Back on 2014

Happy New Years a day early – hours early really. I figured I’d post this today since some will be sleeping in a bit longer than usual tomorrow and wondering why they did the things they did the night before ;)

Stormtrooper Regrets
“God. She looked so good after 10 fire-waters in the dim lights of the cantina…”

As most of us bloggers do, I’m looking back on the year that this blog has had and I’m really happy with it. I’m not even talking numbers, though I will shortly. This year we’ve picked up a handful of great regular readers. I’d name them but no doubt I would forget someone and if you’re reading this then you know who you are ;) That, getting interested readers here, is why I do this. Having people comment and engage with the community here is the most rewarding part of being a blog author.

This year we also had some great articles, at least I feel. Kamui did an amazing series of articles on scratch-building tanks. Be sure to click that if you haven’t seen it yet. We 40K players saw 7th edition hit and I did my usual rules quiz, which is typically a hit with readers. Hell, even Warren came out of his hole a bit and posted up some great models he was working on.

I feel this year that Creative Twilight started down a great path with articles. They were a bit more focused and got more attention. This is what I was talking about the other day, just refining that process more. I have a piece of paper sitting next to me (literally), that I wrote out a whole bunch of ideas on for articles to do in 2015. If I can manage to put out half of them then I will be happy, but it’s my goal and I will try my hardest.

Blogging in 2014

NumbersNow for some numbers, though I don’t like to give out actual values. It just feels to braggy, or sad as the case may be, and I like to gauge the blog against itself from previous years, not against anyone else.

Anyway, 2014 was the best year that Creative Twilight has had with visitors. Visits this year is up 40% compared to last year! For a while here the blog was stagnating, last year that is, so I’m glad to see it come out of the slump it was in.

This year was also the best year the blog has had with regards to comments. In 2014 comments were up by 46%! That comment increase is by far my favorite stat and it’s thanks to our faithful readers.

2015The final stat is how many articles we produced. This one I don’t mind giving actual numbers since you can find it if you wanted to anyway :) In 2014 we put out 260 articles compared to 2013 with 205, a 27% increase in articles. Not that the amount of articles we create is anything I truly care about as a value, however what it does tell me is that our (the authors), interest is up. When you lack interest and/or material then you write less. So, it’s nice to see author interest up and in turn creating more articles.

I’m looking forward to 2015 and seeing Creative Twilight continue to grow. I’d probably still do this if only two people a day visited, that’s pretty much how it began, but it’s nice to see more and more people discover the blog.

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Glancing Back on 2014
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