Orks: Green iz Best!

Orks iz Made 4 RokkinAs the owner if three 40K armies I tend to bounce between them, though my Necrons are usually neglected. I started 40K with Orks and then about a year later I started up my Necrons. About a year after that I got into Space Marines. As much as I’ve become a fan boy of Space Marines, Orks still remain my favorite 40K army. It’s an army with so much character that it’s hard to play them and not role play the army as you’re gaming, which I do and probably the reason I won best sport the two times I’ve used them :)

I’ve spent the better part of the past year working on my Space Marine chapter, Fate’s Angels. By the time I picked up the Marines I had my Orks 100% completely painted and sitting around 4,000 points. That seemed a safe place to leave off and begin with the Emperor’s finest. I have not played my Orks much during the past year while I slowly worked on my Marines, though they saw two tournaments and a few games practicing for them. Well, the time has come for the Sun’z Killaz to re-emerge and get some attention.

I of course really enjoy my Orks but I won’t deny that a big reason I’ll be putting them on the table more frequently now is the volume of Marine codices out now. I got to play my Orks against the new Blood Angels last week and it was a great game, lots of bloody melee action for the entire game. I did end up losing it with the game going seven turns. Had it ended sooner then seven turns then I’d have won, but so goes the dice rolls. Anyway, in the past year (a bit longer), we’ve seen new Space Marines (vanilla), Space Wolves and now Blood Angels. There are also rumors of the Inquisition seeing something soon and lets not forget Black Templars still need an update.

The thing with Marines is that with each new codex there’s the inevitable flock to the power armored troops and they become more prevalent at the shop. See, I’m one of those people who likes to play the underdog or at least something that’s not played by three out of four players. Marine on Marine action can be fun but I really enjoy throwing my Orks at them more than I do anything else. I just want to beat down some loyal vampires with my Waaagh!.

The last tournament I won best painted army for my Necrons and I have yet to spend that gift certificate. I was originally debating what army to spend it on but for reasons mentioned above I’ve decided it’s going to my Orks. Now it’s on to figuring out what to get. For the most part I have enough units, at least no shortage of them, so I’ll either get myself a Trukk or possibly a Battlewagon but I may also opt for some Warbikers. I could use more transports, and as much as I like the look of the GW ones, they are also easily made scratch building or kit bashing. Warbikers on the other hand require a lot more effort to convert if going that route and three more of them would put my unit at nine, decent size without being too expensive. Choices…

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