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Hello, wargamers!

I suppose that this might count as my inaugural article. My name is Brennan Barni, and I’m a university student in a small town in Washington State, USA. I’m essentially your typical college student: busy, tired, hopped up on caffeine when I’m not collecting my two to four obligatory hours of sleep, and filled with doe-eyed innocence and boundless optimism for the future! Well, maybe not so much that last bit.

Space Wolf
He’s not quite finished, yet.

Like many of you reading this article now, I possess a very particular niche hobby in miniature wargaming. However, as a college student with barely enough disposable income to enjoy the luxury of indoor plumbing, I find myself often making compromises in my hobbyistic endeavors. Nonetheless, I still play exclusively Games Workshop games! A contradiction, perhaps, but one that I’m hardly willing to concede. And so, I find myself getting progressively craftier in funding my myriad projects.

To this column, I’m going to be dictating to you, the reader, my crafty workarounds in completing my army, as well as my initial forays into building modular terrain. The focus of which will ever be on entering in on and enjoying this hobby we all share, without having to go hungry as a result. As an additional feature on my articles, I’ll be sharing fluff I’ve written for my nascent Space Wolves army list, in the hopes of inspiring others to view their armies, and the game at large, in a more narrative sense. The game is immensely more exciting when you make laser-beam sounds for your Plasma Guns, after all!

I have a few other projects coming down the pipeline as well, and I can’t wait to share them with you all, but I’ll keep a bit of a tight lip on them until I’m entirely sure about the specifics of the projects themselves (Though I will hint that one of my primary ideas involves two cameras, some paintbrushes, and a livestreaming platform). In the meantime, I’ve got no dearth of subjects to discuss, and am excited to hear your input on my chosen topics as well! If any of you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc. on the upcoming content of this series (or anything, really), I’d love to hear them in the comments section.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with an image of the first model I’ve painted in two years. It’s kind of rough right now, but I have a feeling it’ll come back to me in time.

– Brennan ‘Petrichor’ Barni


  • Welcome to the group. I’m looking forward to seeing what you write. Gaming on a budget is something most of us can relate to; I know I can.

    The model is looking good. I like the darker Space Wolf color as you have it more than the more typical lighter tone. Just feels more Space Wolfy that way.

    • Brennan Barni

      Thanks! When layering over The Fang with Russ Grey, I was sure to heavily dilute the layer paint so I’d have more control over the general opacity of the lighter Grey. I’m still on the fence as to whether to use Drakenhof Nightshade or Agrax Earthshade to bring out the edges, though. On this guy, I used Earthshade, but I’ve used Nightshade in the past and had good results.

      • I’m not familiar with the Drakenhof Nightshade. Is that a purple?

        • Brennan Barni

          It’s kind of a blue-purple. I was using it for my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors a couple years ago, but I saw some people using it for shading Space Wolves in a few tutorial videos on Youtube. I think Agrax is probably the way to go, though; I like the earthy tone it leaves in the recesses — it really brings the bombastic color scheme of the Wolves down to earth.

          • Gotcha.

            In the end it’s all about what you’re after. I’m sure Nightshade looks good too, but if Agrax gives it a tone you really like then I’d say you have a winner.

  • Ming

    I look forward to your posts!

    • Brennan Barni

      Thank you! I think I’ve got a few good ideas on subjects to get me started. :)

  • Welcome Mr. Brennan! Lookin’ forward to seeing some of your wolves!

    • Brennan Barni

      Hopefully I can get the rest of them to turn out better than the first. I had a second guy in the works last night; got a perfect face on him (really glad that skill held over from working with my helmet-less Dark Eldar models a couple years ago), but accidentally smacked him in the face with a detail brush covered in Russ Grey while I was cleaning up his edge highlights. That’s the last time I jump the gun and finish the face before the armor.

  • Nice dark, rich and not too much saturated colour, now I’m curious to see other minis!

    • Brennan Barni

      Thanks a lot! I’m going for more of a “stylized realism” approach with my models. I’m trying to bring out primarily rich, deep colors in their armour to bring out the ‘ceramic’ look that ceramite is supposed to have, while also using striking ‘Eavy Metal-style edge highlights.

  • Always good to see more Creative Twilight.

    I understand all about gaming on a budget, hence my badly converted Havocs.

    • Brennan Barni

      You should see my badly converted Helbrutes. I gave them to a friend who wanted to play Chaos, but I can’t get him to put them on the table.

      • That is because Hellbrutes aren’t that great. I still plan to use a mayhem pack though.

        • The Mayhem Pack is great. All those formations for Helbrutes are good in their own right.

        • Brennan Barni

          My friend is almost entirely focused on fluff armies… And his favorite model is the Helbrute. :(

          • It’s a great model, and I like the fluff as well. That’s why it makes me sad that it’s not better on the table.

          • Fluff armies for the win!

  • Turkadactyl

    Welcome. A friend of mine has returned to 40K and has started a Space Wolves army. I’ll be sure to let him know about your articles.

    • Brennan Barni

      Thanks a lot! I hope that the articles I write in the near future will be of use to him. :)

  • Frank Ford

    Howdy and welcome to the crew…

    • Brennan Barni

      Hey, thanks for the welcome. Your “What Do We Want From Our Wargames” is one of my favorite articles on the site and was, in truth, the major factor that made me want to write with you all in the first place. I really love your style of writing!

      • Frank Ford

        Thanks very much. I try to make my articles more about my gaming philosophy rather than things like unit and book reviews etc, because there are plenty of other people writing those kinds of articles perfectly adequately without me repeating what others have said.

        I do like ‘work in progress’ and modelling posts though.

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