Growing Pains: Server Upgrade

ServersI host multiple sites with my current webhost and right now I’m in a shared hosting environment. The upside is it’s cheap. The downside is it’s a shared environment and I only have so much room to grow before it’s time to upgrade. Well, it looks like it’s time to upgrade. You may have noticed the occasional 500 error on the site and the site won’t load. That’s because the site is pounding through my available resources and shutting down as a result.

My plan is to get setup with a package that can accommodate the current traffic and give me some room to grow. I’m hoping to migrate everything tomorrow, March 5th, and so there will very likely be some down time involved in the process while things propagate.

  • Warren Falconer

    hehe, didn’t want to mention those…good luck in theory its just them flipping a switch to allocate more resources to your vm right?

    • I’m going from shared to a VPS so there’s a move involved but should be seemless ideally. I have to update my zone file at CloudFlare after but that’s easy.

  • Have you looked into Squarespace at all? I’ve heard great things about them from a storage/bandwidth perspective.

    • I just did now and their thing is building you a site and hosting it. They do not offer straight up hosting plans. Storage and bandwidth aren’t my issue right now anyway, it’s memory. I run three WordPress sites, amongst other stuff, but those WP sites are very memory intensive.

      • They seem to bill themselves as a hosting & content management site. I heard great things about them, so I signed up for a demo site at one point, but I had real struggles trying to do even basic things and never bothered to engage support. I’m not sure if you can host a WP site with them or not (though I suspect they at least have a way to port WP into them–at least according to their ads).

        • All good. I have what I need in WordPress and just need upgraded hosting, not a new solution.

          I did look around a bit and decided to stay where I am. The price is comparable to other places and there’s the added benefit of a seamless migration. I’m all for easy.

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