Helbrute: PIP #3-1

Helbrute: Paint in Progress #3

Slowly I keep chipping away at this model. Not a lot of major progress since the last update but I have gotten paint on the metal trim. That took a lot longer than I thought it would, and I still have some spots to smooth out (you’ll see some bleed through), but it really pulls the model together.

You’ll have to excuse some of that excess light. My next project after this model is finally setting up a light box area so I can take some proper shots.

So, now to finish up those metal areas where I forgot the second coat, which I didn’t notice in spots until these shots. Then to clean up the inset areas where I slipped with said metal paint and move on to shading those parts. Just noticed a black spot on the back hose to the multi-melta…bah!

Anyway, he’s getting there…

Update: He’s all done! Check out the Helbrute painting showcase.

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Helbrute: Paint in Progress #3
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