Helbrute: Paint in Progress #3

Slowly I keep chipping away at this model. Not a lot of major progress since the last update but I have gotten paint on the metal trim. That took a lot longer than I thought it would, and I still have some spots to smooth out (you’ll see some bleed through), but it really pulls the model together.

You’ll have to excuse some of that excess light. My next project after this model is finally setting up a light box area so I can take some proper shots.

So, now to finish up those metal areas where I forgot the second coat, which I didn’t notice in spots until these shots. Then to clean up the inset areas where I slipped with said metal paint and move on to shading those parts. Just noticed a black spot on the back hose to the multi-melta…bah!

Anyway, he’s getting there…

  • That is a lot of metal trim. I can see why it would take so long, I’d be worried about hitting the flesh you’ve already worked on with metallics!

    • It’s more trim than I realized at first.

      Yeah, slipping is definitely a concern and has been but that’s been part of my challenge, to be a more careful painter. So far so good. I’ve had some slips but nothing I couldn’t fix easily enough.

      • I think in the future, if you finished the skin first, you could probably get away with doing a brush on sealant. Would give you some protection when you went back with the metallics!

  • Gary marsh

    Coming along nicely, I really like the split paint scheme.

    • Thanks. The split scheme seems to grab people’s attention, which is nice. Thankfully it’s not terribly hard to do either.

  • When I was painting my Black Legion Heldrake I started out with the gold before all else. I used the Vallejo liquid metal range and lost control of the paint in so many places that by the end I was glad I started with the golds.

    So I fully approve of your method and say good luck!

    • Thank you! This is a fun model to work on for sure.

  • Very nice. Now I want to paint up some of my Hellbrutes, thanks a lot Thor. Heh. Also, I’d be interested to know how you plan on making your light box. I’m currently using a fake light box for my pictures, just a white bottom and white back with a south facing window in the front for lighting. With that setup you can only take pictures when it is around noon time and cloudy so it diffuses the light, doh! So yeah, I’m interested in seeing how a proper box is made.

    • heh. Monkey see, monkey do.

      I have something similar now. It’s my ghetto setup and it’s terrible so I never bother with it. My big thing is working out a dedicate space for it. As it is now, when I bother with the one I have, I need to move all sorts of stuff, pull out the lights, etc. It’s just a pain.

  • This is coming along nicely! The total picture is starting to emerge which is my favorite stage when I am painting.

    Are you planning to play with TMM on the claw and trim? There are plenty of nice curves and details to play with but without a lot of large areas you don’t have to be quite as clean to pull it off.

    • Thanks. Yeah, getting that trim base coated really pulls things together and makes the end result visible.

      I will be doing TMM on all the metallic parts. I have already on the smaller areas, the metallic details picked out in hoses and such, but it’s a smaller area and less noticeable. Normally I would do my pink glow on the fist but, like you said, it has good area to work with TMM and that’s the plan. I think if I do that well enough then it will stand out, in a different way, just as much as my glow effect does.

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