Helbrute: Painting #4 – On to the Details

I had a few days to do nothing but paint and so I took advantage of that. After having a set back when working on the tentacles (long story), I finally started making a push and getting things wrapped up. At this point all sorts of things are in all sorts of stages, so I won’t try to explain where I am with this model; I’m not sure I know any more. I do know it’s damn close to done though so here’s some shots.

Pardon some of the lousy shots here. I plan on getting a new light for painting, which will make these WIP/PIP shots look better, but I haven’t ordered it yet.

I’m pretty happy with this model. I won’t say it’s my best work, because it’s not, but I have learned more on this model in the weeks working on it than I’ve learned in the past few years. Even though there’s a few things on this model that bug me, some mistakes and things not exactly as planned (some times you just have to accept and move on), I think the end result is shaping up nicely.

Comments and suggestions always welcomed.

  • Nafnaf

    Cool. Lookng forward to seeing it finished :)

    • That makes two of us ;) I’m reaching that point where I just want to be finished.

  • Been enjoying the progress on this guy. Constantly getting better! If you are getting worn down on him, consider taking a break (work on another model for a bit) then revisit him!

    • Thanks.

      Not bad advice, though I’m not sure what to work on next. Still, the harder stuff is done, as well as the more tedious elements. I should be able to push through what’s left pretty easily. If not then I’ll set him aside and take a break.

  • Berman

    The armor plate on the fist is great looking. The scratch damage is awesome. The red skin is a little flat looking, possibly the lighting issue you mentioned? I like the darker red skin tone base coupled with the armor coloring though.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, the lighting is just washing out the subtle blending on the skin and making it really flat looking. It’s not as red as it shows in these shots either. God, I really need a good light for taking pictures.

      • Go to Home Depot and get two, cheap shop lights. The two I have are clamp-on style lights. I think they were $7 each or something. Then, get two daylight bulbs. Tape a couple of coffee filters over the face of each lamp to diffuse the light. Point them at the model at opposite 45 degree angles. That’s what I do, though I also put my OttLite over the top of mine, with a diffuser made from a sheet of office paper.
        I tried the fancy light box route and all that, but it just never turned out right.

        • These are the ones I bought:
          It’s the bulbs that matter, not the lamp.

        • I saw those actually the other day when I was seeing if they had a good hobby light and it’s exactly the use I thought for them. I just bought a better hobby light, should have it this week, so I’ll have to give it a shot.

          • Berman

            Yeah I was about to come on with the same kind of advice. Another option is the hardware stores have “Daylight” range light bulbs that are pretty cheap now that everything has gone halogen. Same trick two bulbs one to either side works wonders. I don’t usually bother with the filter on my shots but dual bulbs is a huge step up.

            • My next project once. I get this model done. is to setup a proper area for taking shots. My painting desk is large enough to do it on there and leave the lights clamped on all the time without being in the way. It will be what I do to get some good final shots of this model.

              • I just keep my lights in a Rubbermaid tote next to the desk. My power strip/surge protector is attached right to the side of the desk, keeping cords accessible but out of the way.
                The bulbs I have in my lamps are the GE Reveal incandescents. I wonder if you can still buy those locally, or if you have to get them online?

                • I was looking at the 5000K LED bulbs.

                  • Probably a good idea. My incandescents get hot after about 10 minutes.

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