Helbrute: Paint in Progress #4-1

Helbrute: Painting #4 – On to the Details

I had a few days to do nothing but paint and so I took advantage of that. After having a set back when working on the tentacles (long story), I finally started making a push and getting things wrapped up. At this point all sorts of things are in all sorts of stages, so I won’t try to explain where I am with this model; I’m not sure I know any more. I do know it’s damn close to done though so here’s some shots.

Pardon some of the lousy shots here. I plan on getting a new light for painting, which will make these WIP/PIP shots look better, but I haven’t ordered it yet.


I’m pretty happy with this model. I won’t say it’s my best work, because it’s not, but I have learned more on this model in the weeks working on it than I’ve learned in the past few years. Even though there’s a few things on this model that bug me, some mistakes and things not exactly as planned (some times you just have to accept and move on), I think the end result is shaping up nicely.

Comments and suggestions always welcomed.


You can see the completed Helbrute showcase.

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Helbrute: Painting #4 – On to the Details
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