Helbrute: The Painting Begins

As I continue to work with TMM and experiment with it, I’ve started to paint my Helbrute. I’ve really wanted to put a brush to this model for a long time and I figured I’d work on the skin while I work on the metallic techniques on test models.

The light has washed the tone out a bit. It’s a tad darker than you see here. The first shot captures the tone about right.

So, the skin is done…I think. This is a very different approach than I’m used to. Normally I base coat the entire model and then come in and shade and highlight it all at once. It makes it easier to fix mistakes when you slip with a brush – I think anyway. However, this model is like 75% skin and I really wanted to see it done so I went for it. Plus, I did kind of want to push myself outside my comfort zone and force myself to paint more carefully.

For anyone interested, the skin tone I did with Vallejo’s Dark Fleshtone for a basecoat and then mixed it with Tan (the label is rubbed off and I forget the exact name), for highlights and layering up. The rest is GW colors. I then washed it all with Reikland Fleshshade followed by Agrax Earthshade. Finally, I hit it with Bloodletter Glaze.

I’m pretty pleased with the result here. I just hope I don’t screw up working on the other parts and mess some of it up. Speaking of, the next part I’m going to work on are the assorted cables and wires embedded in the Helbrute’s flesh. If I’m going to slip and screw up the skin it will be doing that part!

Update: He’s done. See the painted Chaos Helbrute.

  • Looks good so far. Painting that much skin in big wide spaces is tough!

    I never realized this model had toenails.

    • Thanks.

      The toenails are actually what bug some people about the model but I think it’s a cool detail.

      All that big space was a reason I opted to go so heavy on the washes and glazes. My normal technique just wouldn’t work on this model where I base coat, wash, then layer it up again with the base coat color using a streaky method to simulate muscle sinew. The model just doesn’t lend itself to that and since I want to experiment more that meant relying more on washes and glazes to achieve and end result I liked.

  • Looks like you’re off to a good start!

    • Thanks.

      Since you saw it on Wednesday I did the brown wash and red glaze. It really blends it together nicely and gives it a cool tone.

  • Great job! Happy to see this guy getting paint. He’s a cool model, and looking forward to the metal work (especially since the skin looks so good!)

    • Thanks.

      I’ve since done some detail work on the skin, picking out hoses and such. I’m almost done that and then on to the big metal work. Slow going but hopefully this week I have a worthwhile update.

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