Helbrute: PIP #2-1

Helbrute: Painting in Progress #2

I’ve been working on my Helbrute the past few days and made some reasonable progress. Since the last update I’ve picked out the details on the skin (hoses, cables, etc), and laid down some base colors on the armor insets. Here’s some shots.

I should have gotten a better shot of the hoses behind the head. I did them in orange but it’s hard to see. You’ll spot a few others throughout the body. Anyway, I wanted them to blend in with the skin tone but be a little different, so that’s why I went with orange. I want this to feel more daemonic and less Dreadnought so I wanted to play down the hoses a bit.

I did work the TMM technique on the few metallic areas I’ve done but didn’t get great shots to showcase that. I also tried out the heated metal technique on the multi-melta that I saw from Ron on From the Warp years ago. I think it came out pretty well.

I’ve got a few more metal areas to work on and then I’ll get to the armor plating, the larger pieces, and really work on the TMM technique there.

Whatcha think?

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Helbrute: Painting in Progress #2
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