Hello…is Anyone There?

Having revised the format of my site to actually start blogging about 40K I’ve seen an increase in traffic, which is great. As I stated when I started doing this, I have no illusions that this is going to be anything revolutionary and become the must-read 40K blog out there. There are too many great 40K blogs going already, many of which I read myself. However, hopefully I offer up something useful here and some items of interest.

With that being said, is there anyone there? I know Joe is reading because I’m working on his stuff :), but how about anyone else? I did notice I also have two subscribers to my RSS feed, which surprised me! Just looking to get some responses, make sure this traffic I see isn’t just spam-bots crawling my site trying to post Viagra replies to blog posts. Also I’m interested in what people are finding interesting here, what they enjoy reading.

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