Herald of Khorne: Painting #3

More work on my Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught. Slow progress is still progress so I can’t really complain!

First up, pictures. I think I finally have my lighting on the right track. It still needs some tweaking, as you’ll notice shadows and some light spots, but at least I didn’t wash out the reds so bad this time. I have never had such a hard time lighting a model until this one. A hair too much light and all your blends disappear. *sighs*

As it stands, the Juggernaut itself is done and I’m really pleased with this. I won’t tell you how many hours I have into this beast (pun intended), because I really don’t know but seeing it at this point makes it worth it.

Next up is getting the Herald done. That part will go quickly compared to this. A whole lot less model to work with and that means a lot less blending.

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Beautiful work thor. I hear you on washing out your work. I feel the same thing happens when you start weathering too much…its very easy to wipe out hours of work earlier. I guess that is where experience and practice comes in! (greggles goes back to painting)

Joe Baird

Looking good Thor, while you may tell us the highlights are being washed out, the pictures still look really good


Great work Thor. I was a little underwhelmed by your previous post but it was obviously the lighting that was washing it out. This looks like a different model compared to the earlier pictures. It shows that you’ve spent a lot of time on it and it was well worth the effort….even if it is for Khorne :P


Well done sir!


Great work Thor! Awesome jugger.