Herald of Khorne: Painting #3

More work on my Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught. Slow progress is still progress so I can’t really complain!

First up, pictures. I think I finally have my lighting on the right track. It still needs some tweaking, as you’ll notice shadows and some light spots, but at least I didn’t wash out the reds so bad this time. I have never had such a hard time lighting a model until this one. A hair too much light and all your blends disappear. *sighs*

As it stands, the Juggernaut itself is done and I’m really pleased with this. I won’t tell you how many hours I have into this beast (pun intended), because I really don’t know but seeing it at this point makes it worth it.

Next up is getting the Herald done. That part will go quickly compared to this. A whole lot less model to work with and that means a lot less blending.

  • Beautiful work thor. I hear you on washing out your work. I feel the same thing happens when you start weathering too much…its very easy to wipe out hours of work earlier. I guess that is where experience and practice comes in! (greggles goes back to painting)

    • Thank you.

      Yeah, there really is nothing like seeing stuff in person. Even the best photographer, of which we are not, can never match seeing it with your own eyes.

      • I so agree with this point! There is nothing quite like getting to holdthe mini and move it around in the light and see everything.

  • Looking good Thor, while you may tell us the highlights are being washed out, the pictures still look really good

    • The pictures don’t look bad by any means, better than I’ve managed previously, it’s just I know what it looks like in person is all. Basically, the usual.


  • Castigator

    Great work Thor. I was a little underwhelmed by your previous post but it was obviously the lighting that was washing it out. This looks like a different model compared to the earlier pictures. It shows that you’ve spent a lot of time on it and it was well worth the effort….even if it is for Khorne :P

    • Getting the right lighting makes all the difference in the world for sure. This is a far closer representation of what it looks like in person. I feel like I need a damn studio to get reasonable shots…

      If a purple pervert likes the model then I’ve done my job ;)

  • Well done sir!

  • Great work Thor! Awesome jugger.

    • Thank you, sir.

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