Herald of Khorne #4-5

Herald of Khorne: Painting in Progress #4

The project that never ends is nearing completion. Every time I think I have something done on this model I realize I forgot something and have to go back. Still, I keep moving forward and chipping away at it.

Barring something I’ve forgotten again, what you see is completed. I’m working on the arms now so the next shots of this model you see will be of the finished product.

On a related note, I finally figured out a photo setup. One of the problems I’ve had is not having a dedicated area to take shots. Whenever I wanted clean shots I’d have to move everything around on my painting desk to make room, setup lights, take the shots then put everything away and back into place. I’m a human and thus lazy so it wasn’t ideal.

Last night I realized I could use a plastic shelf I have for my setup. It’s one of those cheap shelving units you can get at Walmart for like $15; just white plastic with 4 shelves and stands about 5ft. tall. I store a bunch of hobby stuff on there. Just like this shelf.

ShelvesI cleared off one of the shelves and clamped my lights onto the shelf above to hang down and light the shelf I was going to use. The lights are the construction lamps you can get with clamps. These things.

LightI have LED bulbs in there with a light diffuser over it. The result is what you see above and I have to say I’m really pleased with it. The best part is I now have a dedicated space that doesn’t take up any extra room. Just toss the model on the shelf, turn on the lights and snap pics.


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Herald of Khorne: Painting in Progress #4
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