Herald of Khorne: Painting in Progress #4

The project that never ends is nearing completion. Every time I think I have something done on this model I realize I forgot something and have to go back. Still, I keep moving forward and chipping away at it.

Barring something I’ve forgotten again, what you see is completed. I’m working on the arms now so the next shots of this model you see will be of the finished product.

On a related note, I finally figured out a photo setup. One of the problems I’ve had is not having a dedicated area to take shots. Whenever I wanted clean shots I’d have to move everything around on my painting desk to make room, setup lights, take the shots then put everything away and back into place. I’m a human and thus lazy so it wasn’t ideal.

Last night I realized I could use a plastic shelf I have for my setup. It’s one of those cheap shelving units you can get at Walmart for like $15; just white plastic with 4 shelves and stands about 5ft. tall. I store a bunch of hobby stuff on there. Just like this shelf.

ShelvesI cleared off one of the shelves and clamped my lights onto the shelf above to hang down and light the shelf I was going to use. The lights are the construction lamps you can get with clamps. These things.

LightI have LED bulbs in there with a light diffuser over it. The result is what you see above and I have to say I’m really pleased with it. The best part is I now have a dedicated space that doesn’t take up any extra room. Just toss the model on the shelf, turn on the lights and snap pics.


  • Looking fantastic Thor. Lighting looks good too! Make sure he has arms in the end though :)

    • Thank you.

      Funny thing ideas. I’ve spent months and months trying to work out a solution and couldn’t think of one. Last night I got back from playing 40K, was half asleep (up way past a reasonable hour and would only get a few hours sleep), and bam! Solution determined! So of course I disregard sleep for a bit more, get it worked out, test it and it works.

      The moral of the story, the best ideas always seem to come when you aren’t trying to find a solution to a problem and brain capacity is minimal.

      • I’ve had that happen before with models. Where I was confused as to how I was going to make something work, then woke up one morning, and bam, instantly solved the problem. Good old right brain!

  • Orodruin

    A friend of Abaddon’s, no doubt. :P

    Looking great!

  • Good idea on the dedicated area. Not sure I could managed to achieve one in my house but something to look into for sure, well played. The proof is in the pictures.
    Nice looking model as well. Only arms and a backpack to go then? What will he be armed with?

    • My hobby room is very limited space so I didn’t think I’d manage a dedicated area either. That’s why the shelf thing was so great. I already had the shelf in there taking up space so I just converted one spot for pictures. No extra room required, just used what I already had.

      No backpack. That’s a fantasy model. I really liked the look of these guys so had to snag it for the Herald.

      One arm will have a shield but it’s just for looks, has no in game value or use, I just think it looks cool. The other will have a polearm but the blade portion looks more like a sword. In game it’s a Hellblade, which is a power sword.

  • How long have you been using an airbrush? This model strikes me as airbrushed whereas your previous stuff looks more hand-painted. Am I imaging that?

    • Well, that’s quite the compliment since these are still hand painted and not airbrushed at all. The difference here is that I’m blending damn near everything on the model instead of just layering and washing, which is what I usually do.

      This process is a huge pain in the ass and I don’t think I’ll ever go to this length again on a model unless it’s to win a contest. I started doing this to prove to myself I could. Well, I can and fuck it takes forever.

  • That guy looks amazing! And you really nailed the NMM.

    Sometimes it’s tricky to “sign off” on a miniature you’ve been working on for a while.

    • Thank you.

      You were right too, the black is a chore. To get the shade of grey just right has proven to be a pain. The reds were simple compared to the black. I’m getting quicker at it and the arms will go faster but it took some serious experimenting to get it where I was happy with it.

      Damn right on the signing off thing. Every time I think I’m done with a part I find something to adjust on it. I’ve been working on it so long it’s going to be hard to know when it’s finished.

      • I think getting into a mental state to finish a large project is similar to getting into the mental state to START one too. Did you find yourself having to prepare / convince yourself you were ready?

        The Black is impressive. It’s bold where it needs to be and blended cleanly. You certainly found something that works. I still say get some white/black pigment. Not because it’ll look better, but to try something different / possibly easier. (On a different model )

        • Starting was easy. I really wanted to try my hand at blending an entire model so I was excited to see what I could do. It’s the finishing that’s taking convincing. What was exciting to try out has slowly started burning me out.

          Yeah, I’m all for trying out new stuff. Like I said, this was my first attempt at blending an entire model; so something new. Once I’m pretty confident with that then I’ll jump to trying out something else. There’s a lot of tools/techniques/methods, like powders, I haven’t even touched.

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