Herald of Tzeentch: WIP #2

Herald of Tzeentch: Work in Progress #1

A while ago, over a year I think, I got a model from a friend. It’s this model here.

Herald of Tzeentch: WIP #1
I thought it was a cool model, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for. It’s definitely a very old-school Chaos Sorcerer, but I don’t really have a need for a Sorcerer on disc. Plus, while I think it’s a very cool model, and I like the sculpt, I didn’t feel it would fit in with my Chaos Marines army very much.

I had set aside the model, forgotten about it, untilĀ  started working on some lists with Daemons as an ally, featuring a Herald of Tzeentch on disc. I dug out the model and set to work.

My goal was simple, make this model work as a Herald of Tzeentch with minimal work. I hate working with metal models. Everything is a chore. I cut off the plasma pistol, sculpted some flames over the hand, and added the top to the staff (which was missing when given to me).

For the flame, I wasn’t aiming for realistic. I knew damn well I couldn’t pull of a realistic flame, so I just went for something fun and interesting that when painted up would look cool. I figure so long as the flame looks like it’s glowing when I paint it, it will work out just fine.

I scoured my bits for something to top the staff. I kept finding things close, but not quite right, or would take too much time to make work. I found that bit you see, and it’s the perfect size for the staff. Plus, the staff has a technological look to it, seeing as it’s a Sorcerer’s power weapon in reality, and the servo-skull look fit in I thought.

The only thing I need now is for my flying bases to come in so I can fit that up. I’ll have to magnetize the flying base since the disc isn’t thick enough for the peg to stick into.

From here it will be on to paint, but I want to work on my Screamers before this Herald. I’ll save this guy as a reward, and I have a lot of ideas already.

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Herald of Tzeentch: Work in Progress #1
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