His Angels - Warhammer 40K Short

Warp Discovery: His Angels – A Warhammer 40K Short

The Warp Discovery series is for the cool stuff I find that you may not have seen yet. It’s a rare day when that happens, hence you don’t see these a lot. Just recently, however, I was browsing YouTube and was offered this video from the recommendations. Most of the recommendations are crap, but this one I checked out – a Warhammer 40K short called His Angels.

There’s nothing ground-breaking with this video, but it’s Warhammer 40K and not bad, so you have to watch it. The camera work is pretty well done though.


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Thanks for the share. I’d not run across this before. Was a great little short.

stats DGDWH

Thanks to share it, very nice! It makes me think “there is always a bigger fish” ahahah!

Joe Baird

Nice find, it’s great to see what people can come up without big Hollywood budgets.