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Hobby: Chaos Concept Coming Together

Chaos IconI’ve set myself a lofty goal with my Chaos army. In November my FLGS is hosting a large tournament that is very hobby oriented and I’d love to play my Chaos army. The problem is getting all the conversions done and everything painted in about two months. I may not make it, in which case I’ll just field my Marines, but I’m going to try to push for it.

One of the last things I had to figure out was my warband’s name and color scheme and I believe I’ve finally done so. They’ll be undivided and my cult troops are being done in their cult colors as mercenaries, so those are the units I started on already since I wasn’t sure what I was doing for the undivided. I knew I wanted to do something as a play off my blog, Creative Twilight, and am working with the name ‘Disciples of Twilight’.

With that mostly settled I played around with some paint scheme ideas and arrived at this:

Chaos Marines - Disciples of Twilight

The plan is to highlight the black in the same shades of blue/grey I use on the other half. I’ve always tossed around the idea of a halved scheme and I really like the look of this. Plus, it will give me a challenge as a painter.

The last part is the logo/emblem. Once I made the above decisions I threw this together. The quality isn’t great since I did it in a few minutes. I was working out the concept more than anything.

Now, it’s time to finish sculpting and get painting.

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Hobby: Chaos Concept Coming Together
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