Hobby: Oblits WIP #2

I was really aiming to get these Oblits done this past weekend but with a tournament on Saturday my time was short. I took a quick shot of them on Monday morning and the lighting is bad. I turned on one of my painting lights but it washed out the colors. Ah well, not going to go to great lengths for WIP shots!

Oblits WIP 2

At this stage the red armor is done. The skin is finished on one of them and almost complete for the other two. One of them has some highlights on the black but that’s not finished yet. You’ll also notice one power fist is ‘done’. That was a test to see if I liked it before I committed to it and I admit I dig it. It’s a different style than other ones I’ve done. In fact each different cult type of unit will have its own unique power weapon styling. The approach on this one is simpler than I usually do but I just liked the look of it and didn’t want to complicate it for the sake of complicating it.

If things go well I should finally have these guys done this week’ish. Most of the hard stuff is done, which for me is making decisions, and it’s just a matter of plowing through.

Update: I scheduled this article on Monday and have since made a lot of progress. Crossing my fingers that by this weekend they’ll be 100% done and I can get some good shots up.

Update #2: The Oblits are complete and there’s a painting showcase.

  • They’re looking good so far.  This will be a cool squad when you’re finished.

    • Thanks.

      I got a lot more done on them since and they’d be done except for one thing. I’m trying my hand at OSL (object source lighting), for the power fists and haven’t been happy with the results so far. Just found a great tutorial though and will give it one last shot…the 4th shot. I hate redoing something over and over but I want to get it right. Once I get that done then they’re 100% complete.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Really glad you are doing the OSL lighting at the same time.  This means that I can bounce ideas and questions off you. :D

  • That’s a good start, dude. Any further plans to the unit?

    • Thanks.

      What do you mean by further plans? Painting, modeling, more Oblits in my lists…?

      • More greenstuff to make them look like Obliterators more? Change the heads to look more chaosy? Or just leave them as is?

        Subject: [creativetwilight] Re: Hobby: Oblits WIP #2

        • These ones are done modeling-wise. When I get around to the next ones I do they’ll be more Chaosy. This group was more a learning experience. I figure they’re more recent defectors to Chaos and still retain more of the loyalist look.

  • I really like the blue hand on the guy on the right. But Oblits need to die in a hole. They hurt my soul =(

    • Why must you hate my Oblits? What have they ever done to you? They’re just misunderstood.

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