Hobby: WIP Chaos Terminator

WIP Chaos TerminatorI put up some shots of this Chaos Terminator a while ago. I honestly haven’t accomplished a ton with him since but have made progress. I also wanted to try out the small light box I made the other day so here’s a quick shot of how he’s coming along.

At this stage he’s fully base coated and I’ve started on some highlights. Most of the shading is in place and I still need to pick out the helmet lenses. It won’t take me long to finish him off, just a matter of finding the time as always.


  • Vi13_d3c0n

    very nice man, your putting my nightlord terminators to shame hard!

    • Thanks. Been a while since I’ve seen yours so I can’t recall their quality so much.

      • Vi13_d3c0n

        their Meh at best, but probably the best paint job i’ve produced for my chaos.

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