Hobby: WIP Counts-as Shrike

Seeing that my Marine chapter, Fate’s Angels, is my own creation, I wanted to do a counts-as Shrike instead of using the real one. I’m also not a huge fan of the actual Shrike model. So, I’ve set about working on my own and below you’ll see my efforts so far.

Now, fluff-wise in my chapter he’s a Fate Lord, not a Captain. In short, a Fate Lord is a Marine who has this compelling urge to seek something, something unknown to him. For each Marine what they seek is different and many never return. Those who due return are changed completely and become Fate Lords. The role of a Fate Lord varies from each but in general they have become masters in some particular element, in this case infiltration and hit and run tactics. They are present where they are needed and do not command a squad or company but instead aid them and bolster them.

Anyway, on to some pictures. The base of the model is an old, circa 1992, Blood Angel. The LGS has used miniatures that people trade in and they in turn sell for cheap. I picked this up for a few bucks and was going to add him to my Sternguard unit originally. For some reason when I decided to build my counts-as Shrike I felt I had to use this model.

Shrike - 1 I had originally sculpted a harness but wasn’t really happy with it and scraped it. I decided to go with something more brutish and barbaric instead and I’m happy with the look. I’ve also done some green stuff work to add in some little details like the scroll work on the right shin and on the right shoulder. I also bulked up the top crest on the helmet a bit since the original was very slim and slightly rounded.

Shrike - 2 Here you can see my lightning claw conversion. I took Terminator arms, this particular arm being a Dark Angel one, and cut off combat knives to use as the blades. I altered the feather on the hand into a purity seal and did some gap filling on the shoulders so it’s a solid surface.

Shrike - 3The other arm with the same conversion and the added scroll work on the shoulder. I haven’t figured out yet what a Fate Lord’s badge of office will be. Once I do figure that out I’ll sculpt it on if it’s within my ability.

Shrike - 4The jump pack I got off someone at the LGS is a Blood Angel one. I removed the drops in the center of the wings and added skulls instead. I wanted to add some more detail and decided on putting the parchment on there so it appears to be underneath the ropes.

I’m not 100% done with this model yet but I’m close. I don’t feel it needs much more, just a few more details before it’s complete. Also, the arms and jump pack are magnet mounted.

  • Anonymous

    I like that a lot. I can’t wait to see how it looks painted up.

    • Thanks. I’ll probably paint him up in the next few weeks. Trying to get my Terminators complete now.

  • I like your personalized Shrike, good job working with that old mini as well. The little greenstuff details are a nice touch.

    • Thank you sir.

  • I do have a metal Shrike available… waiting for a home, if you want it. I know you said not your fav, but still offering.

    • I appreciate the offer but no thanks. This one is just about complete and I far prefer it to the original. I’m sure there’s someone out there who likes that sculpt and would love to have it.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks nice! I love the old models. They look meaner than the multipart plastics for some reason. Maybe the larger, snarlier mouth grille?

    • Same here. I always like incorporating old models into my collection. I think you’re on to something with the mouth grille. Also, the posture is very aggressive and more dynamic than standard plastic kits.

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  • I agree that the current Shrike model leaves something to be desired–which is why I converted my own as well. I didn’t put nearly as much work into mine as you did though.

    Your green stuff work is great, particularly the way you’ve managed to make it look like the plastic rope is covering the parchment on the jump pack.

    For criticism, there’s not much. The head crest seems a little too prominent now (though the classic style does need beefing up to match the current models–you might have gone a tad too far on that). Aside from that, the chain seems a little large for the marine as well, but good fine chain is hard to come by.

    Overall, a good looking model though.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      On the crest, the height is exactly the same as the original, I just widened it a bit to square it off. It really is pretty minimal modification, just hard to tell without the before and after. I may sand it down a bit though.

      I had tried green stuffing chains, which I’ve done in the past with reasonable success, but I just couldn’t make it work on him. Making chains is still a new technique to me and doing it on such a contoured surface like his torso was beyond my skill. I would have liked to use some really fine chain but yeah, as you said, they’re hard to come by. I was hesitant to use that sized chain but overall I’m happy with it. Just lends to the barbaric look more being larger.

      Always room for improvement!

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